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18 January 2009

Sunday's Music - January 18

Thanks to FredMcKinnon for igniting the "Sunday Setlists" fire! Today's post is part of the Sunday Setlist Blog Carnival! Download links below go to where applicable, and traiditonal music typically links to

Maintaining a balance of old and new music can be a challenge some weeks. The music today was a little eclectic, but hopefully not so much that it was distracting.

Savior (Ross Parsley / Matthew Fallentine) - key of A - debuted it today. This one, by New Life Worship, is fairly new, and upon listening to it the first time a few months ago, it became a personal favorite. I've listened to it so much that it almost seems weird that everyone else doesn't know it. One of my favorite lines: "You rescued me from all my fears and loosed the chains of wasted years." That's really a huge statement, and when I sing that line, it comes directly from my own heart and my own experience.

I'll Fly Away (Albert E. Brumley) - key of G - believe it or not, just like "How Great Thou Art," this song is still under copyright. That is, it's not public domain. We began it with a slow a cappella chorus and then kicked in with the boom-chicka feel. Very fun song, very uplifting to be able to sing this with a bunch of people who will be flying away. :) Link goes to an Alan Jackson version, by the way.

Hallelujah (Your Love is Amazing) (Brenton Brown / Brian Doerksen) - key of G/A - oddly, this song went really well with the previous one. Also oddly, Tony Moore, our multi-instrumentalist and vocalist who used to play the flute solo on his Yamaha WX but has now moved to L.A. (Lower Alabama), played this song at his new fellowship (Faith Family Fellowship, which I tend to call "F3") today on guitar. We didn't coordinate that. I played the flute solo on a keyboard that sat behind me. I miss Tony!

Mighty to Save (Ben Fielding / Reuben Morgan) - key of A - I love this song. Very, very expressive of what I want to say to my Father. I also like the fact that it addresses God directly as "Savior" rather than "My Savior," which is typical.

What a Friend We Have in Jesus (traditional) - key of D - wonderful song to finish the time of worship through music. As with Fanny Crosby last week, you must look at the photos of the authors, particularly Joseph Scriven.


Anonymous said...

Excellent combination of old/new. Good stuff.

David said...

Firstly Dean - I love the name of your blog.

Secondly - Mighty To Save is a great song isn't it. Feels old to me now as it's been 3 years and we've done it A LOT, but old is not always bad or tired. We bring it back quite regularly.

steffanie oltmans said...

"Savior" is a really great song! I love the lyrics! We haven't done it yet but I think I need to add it soon.

Tony M said...

I need to check out "Savior" - "Mighty to Save" is one I've missed from WHBC. And we didn't do the instrumental part on "Hallelujah" - trying to work it out on tin whistle, though, since I had to return the borrowed WX when we moved.

Still miss all you guys/gals from the PT/band!

Dean Lusk said...

Thanks, everyone! David, thanks for the comment on the name. I was thinking of pulling off the "egbdf" part, but that's an identifier people understand, I guess. I've had a number of people (even musicians) ask me what it means.

Steff, really liked your choice of music for Sunday.

And Tony... Jeepers, it's tough to plan music without you! :) Soing "Days of Elijah" is going to be difficult.

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