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08 December 2008

Sunday's Music - December 7

Welcome to the December 7 edition of "Sunday Setlists," a ministry of Actually, I wouldn't particularly call it a ministry, but it felt like a nice, churchy thing to say. Today's post is part of the Sunday Setlist Blog Carnival!

Again and Again (Robert Sterling / Claire Cloniger) - key of F/G - this is a song we've done each Christmas season for the past few years; our former choir director, my friend, and occasional commenter Lisa introduced it several years ago in a musical. We did it as a choir special and my wife sang the solo part. I was grateful that she sang so freely and in a spirit of unhindered praise. It was phenomenal to participate in it! (Link goes to a RealMedia clip from Word Music's website -- listen to it if you don't know it)

Joy to the World (traditional / Isaac Watts / Lowell Mason) - key of D - I rewrote this in 4/4, similar to Integrity Music's iWorship Christmas version (link goes to a video file), and changed a few chords to make it complimentary to our instrumental style (guitar, bass, drums, etc.). Lyrics move a little more slowly this way, but it allows the rhythm to be more... ah... rhythmic.

Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus (traditional / Charles Wesley / Rowland Pritchard) - key of D - again, music was rewritten so the chord structure allowed for our musical motif. Since it only has two verses, I took the first section from two verses of Angels We Have Heard on High and made them into a third verse. Worked very well!

We Fall Down (Chris Tomlin) - key of E/F - an all-time favorite, and one I love to do during the Christmas season. I think of the magi laying their gifts before Jesus. Tony, our one-time-sax/everything virtuoso, has unfortunately moved to Daphne, AL (good for F3 (Faith Family Fellowship) down there, bad for ours), so in place of the sax solo, our guitarist Justin Madden played one of the most tasteful and worshipful guitar solos I've ever heard.

All Who Are Thirsty (Brenton Brown / Glenn Robertson) - key of D - Wow, I love this song! I don't think that I'll ever have us do it in D again, though. The viable options for the key were to stay in F, go up to G, or go down to a complimentary key (or at least, one that wouldn't sound too weird). I didn't want to go with F because I wanted the stringed instrument players to be able to play it without having to think about it much (more freeing for worship, in my opinion), and F isn't one of those keys. Should've gone with G, but that would've had the congregation staying up on a D for a held note several times (like "Joy to the World," but that's a faster song and therefore was acceptable to me). D is far too low for any good vocal tone. Will use G next time.

Our youth pastor, Tom Parker, delivered the Word on Sunday (the message was called "All Who Are Thursty"), as Pastor Lee Singley (our senior pastor, whose blog I've just added to my links list -- not sure why I haven't had it on there until now!) was out recuperating from some minor surgery. It was a profound message tying the themes of "streams of living water" and "you are the salt of the earth" together, and after the service I was practically assaulted with comments of how Spirit-filled the whole service was. What a great privilege to have been a part of it all!


Christy said...

Yes, it was a great day at church.

Tony M said...

I really do miss being part of the praise team at WHBC - and I miss all you guys! Say "hi" to everyone for me, will ya? I plan to get involved with F3's music ministry after the Christmas break (didn't want to try to jump in just before they did a (phenomenal) Christmas music/drama).

Anonymous said...

I loved the Chris Tomlin song, We Fall Down. That song really hit my heart and I enjoyed it. Thanks.

Steff said...

I know this has nothing to do with your set-list but I really like your blog layout and I love your Sunday Set-lists logo.

johnnysierra said...

Awesome setlist! We haven't started Christmas songs in our worship set yet but we will soon.

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