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29 July 2008

Fun With Camera Phones

A cheerful heart is good medicine,
    but a broken spirit saps a person’s strength.
- Proverbs 17:22, NLT

I thought I'd veer again today from what I typically post and offer something a little more light-hearted. In the past I've talked about potential fun to be had with predictive text (Tony has also enjoyed the humorous side-benefits of the T9 feature on cell phones), but I've realized that the camera in a typical cell phone offers great opportunities for immediate fun, too.

The first photo today is that of a write-up for a candle company. My wife received one of these candles as a gift, and it's actually pretty cool, if you like candles and lotion (I'm good with candles but haven't spent much time with hand lotion, although four out of 120 of these folks' candles are apparently for men). After the candle burns for a short while, the wax actually softens and becomes hand moisturizer. Seems it isn't hundreds of degrees, either -- thank goodness for the little things. Have a look at the sales pitch:

In case you can't read it because of the bluriness of the photo, it says, "The unique process of extraction the oil from the soy bean has enables the manufacturer to produce a candle that is truly 'MADE IN THE USA...'" yet the promotional literature reads as though it has been translated from Chinese.

The next photo is one I couldn't resist taking after we dined at a nearby Mexican restaurant. Caption it in the comments if you get the urge:

Third, several weeks ago I had breakfast with one-time frequent commenter Leroy. The restaurant is a southern throw-back, nestled among nice, new neighborhoods and a great new shopping center (lots of restaurants). I'm not sure when it was built, but you can be sure it's plenty older than its surroundings. This photo is not of something with which I find fault; it just made me smile. Have a look at the first few items on the menu:

"Country ham," I've heard of. "City ham," though?? and served with grits? Isn't that some kind of oxymoron? I had an omelette (that's apparently a "city" spelling of the word) that morning, and it was fantastic, by the way.

I have one photo that I don't feel the liberty to post. It's potentially off-color; made my eyebrows go up when we saw it in a fudge shop at Rock City this year. I can't determine whether it's my mind that's off-color or the wording on the sign.

There was also a little store down the road called "Southern Oaks Bargin Center," but I unfortunately never took a photo.

If you happen to have any odd photos, feel free to e-mail them to me: Have a great day!


Christy said...

I've got to start taking more pictures! These are funny, and I think it's good to enjoy humor as often as possible in life.

Leroy said...

Leroy here, I still try to post when I can. My employer chooses not to allow "blogspot" through the firewall and when I get home, other things tend to take over. I'm at home waiting to go to the doctor, that's why I'm able to be with y'all this morning. :)

I'm guessing the "BEST FOOD YES" was a Chinese place (nearby as in nearby to this restaurant??). Somtimes Chinese eateries tend to have unique names. Personal favorites of mine.

Dean Lusk said...

I've started using my phone's camera more often lately, but the lens gets all gunked up too easily. It's recessed into the back panel. A "feature" of my BlackBerry Pearl that I don't like.

"Best Food Yes" is actually a teaser on the front of El Paso Mexican Restaurant -- a sign that hopefully makes you think, "Best food? YES!" when you're driving past...? I think the place was just called "Mexican Restaurant" when it opened, but I could be wrong.

Tina said...

I see these kinds of things all the time, but usually laugh about them and move on... Thanks for sharing the pictures!

Tony M said...

I have one or two... I'll try to get them to you (or on my own blog and I'll link back here later) soon.

Jan said...

i was in Barnes and Noble the other day and saw "Facebook for Dummies". That made me laugh as I don't really believe Facebook is at all hard to use. My first thought was "IS this REALLY necessary?".

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