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04 June 2008

Fun With Predictive Text

I like text messaging. I got one from a friend today that said this: "I bought a god harmonica and have ben tryin to master that lately"

My response: "You're going to have a tough time mastering that one."

The above was more of a typo than a predicitive text issue. But my phone (with a QWERTY keypad) makes "are" instead of "see" occasionally, as in, "Are you in the morning!" Also, "hey" and "Gary" will sometimes say this when put together: "Get, hart." I wonder which wrong words text messagers find most annoying...


Christy said...

All of them, which is why I do it the long way.

Jan said...

"no" for "on".........

Tony M said...

Here are some common ones I see (intended word first, the T9 first suggestion second):


For example: "he you meet of at good" instead of "if you meet me at home"... funny, texting brings a whole new set of cognitive skills to bear, as in figuring out what the message really means based on the set of characters that are actually T9-typed. I'm getting pretty good at it (Ninfa doesn't ever check her messages before sending).

On another note, most spell checkers try to change Ninfa (my wife's name for those readers who may not know) into Ninja... :)

Dean Lusk said...

"he you meet of at good"

This screams for a post about how we sometimes think we're hitting all the right keys, but we communicate a totally confusing/crazy message.

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