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23 December 2011

Christmas Eve Tradition

About ten years ago, Callie and I decided that we would start a new Christmas Eve tradition. We quickly settled on fondue. And so it was born: Lusk Christmas Eve Fondue.

It hasn't always been successful. We tried a beer-and-cheese fondue two years ago after having gone to The Melting Pot and carefully watching the server prepare what turned out to be an amazing meal. Our Christmas Eve fondue was disgustingly terrible that year. Most times we've done a hot oil fondue, but it's typically a bit flavorless no matter what I do to season the meat.

Right now I have a beef broth simmering on the stove for tomorrow night's fondue. I think it's going to be a winner.

Do you have a Christmas Eve (or Christmas day) family food tradition?


Lisa Laree said...

We do fondue for New Year's Eve; that tradition started the first year we were married, since My Sweet Baboo bought me a fondue pot for Christmas.

We've kept it up, since we frequently are out of town on Christmas but we're always home by Dec. 31.

We now use an electric version, and cook the meat in hot peanut oil. It isn't so much the flavor (my kids douse all meat in A1 anyway, so taste doesn't matter so much) as it is the novelty.

And it takes up time while we're waiting for midnight. ;-)

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