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18 October 2011

The Perilous Adventures of Hershey the Aptly-Named Chocolate Lab: Part 1

I won't be able to fit all of Monday's events into one post. This is, therefore, part one of the Hershey saga.

We arrived home from our weekend trip around 1:30am on Monday. Hershey the Slobbering Spring-Loaded Puppy, our nine-year-old chocolate lab (who thinks he's a puppy), typically runs to the car to drool on us as a means of saying, "Where have you been?! It's about time the rest of the pack got home!"

He didn't do that this time. Instead he remained lying on the front porch, dead center of the front door, only lifting his head to see us and wagging his tail slightly.

When we approached him (quickly) he was apparently unable to get up and when I tried to move him, he whimpered. Very unusual, very wrong. Eventually, with my son Nelson's careful help, Hershey struggled and stood, and we could see that his right front leg was of no use to him.

Having lost a cat a few years ago to internal injuries that showed no external signs, we knew that although there was no blood nor indication of impact, Hershey had almost certainly been hit by a car and the repercussions could be -- and would potentially be -- devastating. But he was not in obvious pain unless he had to move and he was alert, wagged his tail, and responded to stimuli.

So we made sure he would eat and drink, checked him again for signs of impact or wounds, and planned to take him to the vet that morning (remember, it was 1:30; now 2:00, actually, and we'd been driving for hours).

I'll admit that I cried that night, expecting the vet to tell us that Hershey would have to be put to sleep due to internal injuries.

To be continued...


Jan Owen said...

Dean, I understand loving your pets. I'm so sorry someone was so mean!!!! Do you know who it was?

Lydia said...

OMG thank God he is okay!!! I can only imagine that terror. My pets are family, and I'm so sorry he suffered an injury. I'm so glad he's ok!!!

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