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10 September 2010

One more day to go...

As September 11 arrives and we begin to recall, and even relive, the horror we saw in 2001, each of us deals with different emotions and reactions.

What do we do? What should we do? For those of us who love Christ, our actions and reactions are frequently to be different from those who don't claim to follow Him. I don't say this in an effort to stir controversy, but as I see the latest headlines I want to know what sets us apart in these times. What makes it obvious that we love the Lord?

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It's very easy to lose focus as we read about what's happening in our world. What sort of response is permissible or healthy for the believer who is aware of a mosque that's planned at Ground Zero? Do we threaten violence? What do we do when we hear of a murder that's been committed based upon someone's ethnicity or religion? Different people in the "Christian world" have decidedly different reactions, some potentially harmful.

Again, I don't ask these things to spark debate. I do bring them up to remind Christ-followers to live out our relationship with Jesus Christ, whom we love and live daily to glorify. Are there specific responses that we, even as far away as the southern USA, must have that will result in evidence that there's something different? How can we live for the glory of Jesus Christ?

Special thanks to author, blogger, and all-around cool person Sarah Cunningham for the suggested direction.


John King said...

On Sept 11th When we were attacked. I lied 20 minutes from Washington D.C.
I had a friend who was a contractor for the Penagon. Luckly, he was just arriving to work late when the plane hit. He didn't see it.
Military Fighters for months afterwards flying everywhere. Very scarey place to live. We had daily anthrax scares. We being at Washington "Ground Zero". Lived in fear. We knew we were at war.
What happened..what did we do as a community. Very few people lashed out at Muslims. The majority. We all stood everynite with candles. Prayed together. some never met the person next to them. Yet they were holding hands. We were All for one. After 1 year alot forgot an went back to there normal lives.
Were seeing alot of the samething now but instead of holding hands as one. We have been split up into different sides. I'm very curious to see what occurs this weekend.
Instead of Burning a Koran. I say read it. Why, so you will understand the Muslim Belife. Than as Christians, we must continue to go there. Risking our lives to tell the Word. The Truth. Yes many our killed by other evil people. But we can't let Evil stop us from going anywhere we are called to tell the word.
Alot of the headlines are just that. Headlines. They mean nothing. People abuse the press as the press themselves also do. not everything we read is the truth. sometimes its just bait. America is waking up. We've been hooked by bait before.
i Pray Saturday candles will be lit everywhere. No Violence.

John King said...

there wasn't alot of visual or media attention on Saturday.
Alot of new talk shows in which was nothing about 9/11. But today.
I found a very good show on Cspan. A lady writer, wrote a book about how the control towers for all airplanes including military.
How they handled the attack. I know it will be replayed this week.
They had 2 seperate panals. The pilots, military an civilian. An the other panal was the few controlers who ran the show.
We had planes with NO Weapons going after the hijacked planes. No military was ready for this at all. Being there in the D.C. area. It now all makes sense from hearing them. Today, except for communication. We still do not have pilots at the ready. As we were led to belive. We have less than 10 jets alert ready to defend us. You'd think after sleeping through Pearl Harbour we would have learned. I strongly suggest watching this, an im going to find the title of the book. i'll post it later. It could have been alot worst if not for a very few good men making decisions on there own risking there jobs. The Rules as they said changed within minutes. The rule book went out the window. Amazing to hear the men who were there tell the real story thats never been in any media.

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