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24 July 2009

Principles to Live By

After receiving a note about at least one particular point in the post below, I think I need to explicitly state that it is entirely tongue-in-cheek and isn't meant to be taken seriously. My apologies for any confusion.

Because I am righteous, I will see you.
     When I awake, I will see you face to face and be satisfied.
- Psalm 17:15 (NLT)

Thankfully, in this age of grace and salvation that's not of works, this verse is now moot and is no longer relevant. It's very normal to work through the day and keep God to a stray thought here and there, or if we feel particularly spiritual, to read an encouraging devotional thought in the evening or in the morning. God loves you and is pleased with you no matter what.

It's very important not to wear our religion on our sleeve. However, if we hear or notice a non-believer doing something that offends us, it's our God-given right to be indignant and to point out to them that it is sin. Doing this will prove to them that we have found righteousness, and it will draw them to Christ.

What God primarily expects of Christians is that we attend church on Sunday morning when it's not disruptive of our schedule (the morning is the most important one), give our kids a good, safe home that's away from evil influences, that we don't make a habit of telling lies or committing other sins, and that we always intend to do good, even if that's too difficult sometimes. Remember, God understands.

Since God helps those who help themselves, we need to be prepared for all contingencies in life -- what we eat, drink, and what we wear. The key thing is simply to understand the principles that Jesus spoke about and believe them in our hearts. Typically God will not direct us to actually give any of our possessions to those who are in need, but it's critical that we're perpetually prepared to do this, because God looks on the heart.



Leroy said...

I would be laughing right now if it weren't too often true. :-/

Jeff said...

No need for disclaimers there...I was trackin' with ya all the way.

Incidentally, I didn't have time to do my daily devotion this morning...would you do one for me?

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