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03 November 2008

Sunday's Music - November 2

Welcome to my corner of the Sunday Setlist blog carnival of Fred McKinnon. Standard verbiage: but for each song below, non-public domain songs are typically linked to downloadable purchases at, and traditional/public domain songs are linked to

Sunday, November 2:

Today is the Day (Lincoln Brewster / Paul Baloche) - key of D - our second week. Want to make sure the congregation knows it well. Like I said last week, if your church fellowship is not doing this song, add it to your list immediately or ask your music leader to do so! (The link above is for the hard copy CD -- head to iTunes to get the single by clicking the image at the right. Do not wait! Get it now!)

I've found that it's very nearly impossible to sing this song and not get really, really happy. One of those songs where, as is touted as a great thing in songwriting, there's an absolute marriage of lyrics and music.

Amazing Grace / My Chains Are Gone (John Newton / Chris Tomlin / Edwin Othello Excell / John P. Rees / Louie Giglio -- whew!) - key of E - I had a very sweet senior adult lady come up and give me a hug because we sang this song. She's asked me at a senior adult lunch on Tuesday (which I attended) if we could sing "Amazing Grace," and I was utterly glad to do that. This is a great example of how a new chorus can freely flow from a great traditional hymn. It's done so well. Link goes to a performance track of the song.

We All Bow Down (Lenny Leblanc) - This was a choir special immediately preceding the sermon, which touched on the upcoming election and on prayer. I thought that it was a particularly good fit, with the song noting that "kings will surrender their crowns..."

By the way, there'll be a North Alabama Worship Conference early-ish in 2009, which Lenny Leblanc will be hosting along with The Rock, another fellowship in our area. More details as that unfolds.

Sunday was another very special day; one with no noticeable hiccups. I really appreciate our worship team -- musicians, vocalists, technical crew. It was such a smooth-flowing service that allowed and enabled attention to be fixed on God and our worship to be laid at His feet. The guitar solo by Sunday's electric guitarist, Donnie Allen, was absolutely phenomenal. He plays a sweet-looking Ibanez JEM7VWH, by the way.


Christy said...

It was such a joy to be up there again with you and the praise team again! Oh, and Donnie rocks!

Anonymous said...

so really how do you sing the wooah woahoah's? it feels a like kids church to me. i love the song but i don't think i can wooah woahoah, haha. great set list dude.

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