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18 February 2008

The Cap Gun Story

Here it is, finally! Some may read it and think, "Hey, didn't I hear this story in Sunday School when I was a kid?" (I think my dad probably needs to sell the rights to this story to companies that publish Sunday School literature.) Others may think, "That's it? He waited all this time to post this?"

When my dad was a boy, his family was not particularly well-off financially. My grandfather was a sharecropper, which may tell you a bit about his work ethic and overall focus on the necessities of life. Luxuries did not make a frequent appearance, so when my dad was given a cap gun, it was a very valued toy, indeed.

It's a short and simple story: one day the cap gun was not cooperating with my dad, as far as it's possible for an inanimate object to seem uncooperative. In his frustration, my dad eventually threw the cap gun to the ground. As you might imagine, it broke.

That afternoon my grandfather arrived home with a special gift: caps. Now useless caps. The fact that this was a rare sort of treat made the impact of the moment all the more stark.

My dad told me this account when I, myself, was a pretty young kid. It's an immediate, direct example of why losing one's temper can have negative results.

Stop being angry!
Turn from your rage!
Do not lose your temper—
it only leads to harm.
(Psalm 37:8, NLT)


Christy said...

Good reminder, Dean. Oh, and thanks for finally sharing the Cap Gun story. :) Not only does it help me remember to control my anger, it also reminds me that I need to cherish the things that God has blessed me with. Just this morning I was thanking God for the finances He has provided so that we could buy the clothes that our daughter needed and that we could eat out for convenience. I really don't want to take those things for granted and assume that I deserve them, when in fact I do not.

Back to your cap gun story, I am curious to know how your grandfather handled the situation, if you ever want to share that much.

Tony M said...

You waited this long to post this? :) Heh-heh. I bet you knew I would repeat that, didn't you?

But Christy's right: this is a great reminder. I tend to have my own fits of anger at inanimate objects (sometimes I think other drivers must be inanimate objects, since they seem to be moving so slowly...). And, in fact, Christy's comments are equally as valid as we - ok, I, let's make this personal - as I often take for granted the things with which God has blessed me. Thanks for sharing the story (been waiting a while for it), and for the reminder.

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