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22 November 2007

But What Do You REALLY Mean?

I anticipate making a couple of posts today, since I'm betting that at least half of you will not watch the video below. By making multiple posts, it will be my effort to cater to those of who who can't or won't watch it for whatever reason (it's fine, really!).

Faithful reader Christy sent me this video the other day.

Without giving spoilers, because you really need to watch it, it is a clip from the show "Mad TV" (which, though I love dry humor, I do not care for due to a number of factors) and it features Bob Newhart. Basically, a lady goes to see a psychiatrist for the first time and is presented with a remarkably simple immediate solution to her many problems. (Oddly for Mad TV, the sketch is presented sans foul language!)

What a concept! This video is hilarious and makes a very profound point.


Tony M said...

STOP IT! You're making us think, here... :)

Preston N said...

I must say I haven't laughed that hard in quite some time! This makes an excellent point regarding the human will. We have the ability it just really comes down to motivation. Are you motivated to STOP IT!?

Thanks for the video!

christy said...

I'm honored that you shared something that I sent. It's humbling really. I just liked the video so much b/c of all I've been going through and b/c Newhart reminded me of my mother and grandmother - that was their way of solving things, too! :)

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