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06 December 2012

Christmas Classics Flash Poll

Okay, dig in:

1. Mannheim Steamroller or Trans-Siberian Orchestra?
2. Johnny Mathis or Nat King Cole?
3. Andy Williams or Frank Sinatra?
4. Dean Martin or Bing Crosby?
5. Jimmy Durante or Burl Ives?

Your responses and vicious arguments are solicited. Leave your comments below.


Shane said...

Nat King
Andy Williams
Dean Martin
Burl Ives

I like all of the artists you listed , however given the choice I like these the best!!!

Lisa Laree said...

Mannheim. Trans-Siberian is good but I can only handle it in small doses, unless I just sit down and listen to the whole story start to finish and really pay attention. But I rarely have time for that and the stories make me cry anyway. For the rest...Johnny, Andy, Bing and Burl.

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