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09 August 2012

God Speaks In a Dream: Kyle Woods' Story

I spoke with my 19-year-old friend Kyle Woods a few days after a life-or-death surgery to correct a dangerous condition several months ago. When he told me the circumstances surrounding the perfect success of the surgery I was stunned. I asked him to write it down for me so I could share it with you.

Here is Kyle's account:

My name is Kyle Wesley Woods.

In March of 2012 I started to get sick by coughing up blood. Weeks went on and I still was experiencing this and I went from one type of specialist to another during all of March.

Finally, I was supposed to go Vanderbilt Hospital to find out what was wrong, but they did not have any room for me. Instead I was sent to UAB. My Doctor ran a couple tests. I had to go back from Birmingham and Madison every couple days for tests or a procedure. Turns out I had an AVM in my right chest wall sitting on top of some of my ribs.

Basically, an AVM is just a bunch of veins that try to spread out but have nowhere to go so they end up forming into a ball and can make their own arteries and turn into a decent-sized mass. AVM's are common in the head, but there has never been a report of one in someone's chest wall.

I went in to see the doctor on a Thursday, May 3rd. He told me that he would go in and remove the mass. He explained to me that I could lose a lot of blood and that AVM's usually do not cause pain. But mine was. He explained that I may have to take pain killers for the rest of my life and have chronic pain. He then informed me that he cleared his schedule for the next morning and added me to it.

When I heard this, I realized that it is never a good sign when your surgeon tells you “Hey we need to get this out of you tomorrow morning.” I realized I was dying and this mass was attaching itself to other main arteries in my body and stealing blood from other organs.

I was very confused spiritually. I was not angry with God because I knew He would take care of me and sometimes I realize for God to take care of his children that may mean bring them to Him. I used to be addicted to pain killers when I was younger. I was confused why He would let someone who struggled with pain killers for many years be back on pain killers for the rest of their life. It did not make sense to me.

Friday, May 4th, I had my surgery in the morning and when I woke up I was fine. All I had was surgical pain. Other than that I was perfect I felt better. I knew I was not dying anymore.
​My surgeon came into my room and told me that I am a miracle from God. This is what happened:

Thursday night, while I was questioning God of his plan, my surgeon prayed for me before he went to sleep. While he was asleep God showed him in his dream exactly how to do the surgery. Every incision to every stitch, from the start to the end. Friday morning when I was asleep on the table my surgeon started just like he did in his dream. He felt like he was cutting away too much of my muscle so instead he barely cut down into the mass [something that was not in the dream]. When this happened blood shot to the ceiling and he quickly plugged it with his finger and stitched it up. He then said, “Okay God, I will do it Your way.” he then finished the rest of the surgery the way he was shown in his dream.

After I was stitched back up and good, he then took the mass over to a table and cut through it like he originally planned. When he did, the mass cut open to reveal tons of more veins that were still alive and an artery that it had made. If he had cut through it he said that he would not have been able to control all of the blood and I would have died on the table within a minute.

​I am a miracle of God. I am a child of God. God will take care of his children no matter what. I am alive today to help people strengthen their faith and teach them about my Savior. The biggest thing I realized is that this story is not for me. It is for everyone else who will listen or read it. I am alive today so that my family, everyone else and Satan will know that death does not scare me and will not shake my faith.

I am called into the ministry.


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