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16 July 2012

Scribbles in a Notebook

This morning I found a notebook of mine with a few scribbles in it. I believe they were notes from a youth workers' meeting several years ago when I was on staff at Wall Highway.

Some quotes are apparently from the speaker and some were my personal notes. I'm not going to note which is which, though. This is short and the content is a bit random, but I thought some of you may find some of the points and questions interesting.

If you have any answers or opinions on any of this, feel free to leave a comment or two.

With that, here are the notes:
  • People are looking for authenticity (serving the community). So? Is it Biblical? Should/do we adjust based on people or based on the Word?
  • People enter "church" differently now -- less longevity; continually searching. Has the Church changed or has the community begun to finally see inauthenticity?
  • People look for an experience. Does the Church adapt to what people want? That is, does it alter our message? Are we doing so much that no time is left for mentoring/serving?


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