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24 July 2012

Big Bird's Portfolio - An Odd Dream

I'm risking a topical diversion today. I want to be careful in how I present the follow-up to yesterday's post since there's frequently contention over Bible translations. I don't want to add to a debate on one view versus another, so I'm going to devote some time to finishing that one up tonight. Don't forget where we left off, okay?

In the meantime I wanted to share a dream with you. I take delight in writing about the stranger ones, even though I'm probably publicly giving out some crazy psychological info by doing so.

In my dream (between this morning's snooze button punches), I was scrubbing old, possibly antique, white furniture alongside one or two adults with disabilities. I'm fairly certain they had Down syndrome. The person working on the piece with me was a female; that's all I remember about her.

This furniture had been deployed in military use for quite a while and there were stains where something had been spilled on them. The stains were possibly greenish, mildew sorts of stains, but I believe this dream was in black and white. From what I recall, we were using fine-grain steel wool at this point to get the stains off. The pieces we were working on were basically white boxes and were about the size of a typical military trunk.

I usually have a somewhat vivid recollection of the surroundings in my dreams, but that wasn't the case here. All I remember is that it was a bit dark and all I could see was the trunk thing. I don't even remember looking at the people I was working with.

Perhaps most odd and interesting was that Big Bird from Sesame Street was talking with someone nearby, explaining the ins and outs of his investment portfolio. I could hear him talking but couldn't see him (nor was I trying; I was focused on the furniture). He was talking about economic numbers and trends rather nonchalantly; particularly about how stocks had performed over the past year. It struck me that he was throwing out numbers so far and above the social status of the people who were there that it seemed arrogant and aloof. One of the specifics I vaguely remember him stating was that his net worth was $13 billion.

I awoke to hear financial news being discussed on the radio, which was tuned to National Public Radio. This explains Big Bird's talk of monetary figures but not Big Bird himself. My job would explain the military focus of the work we were doing. The people are what intrigue me so much about this dream, though.

I always enjoy your commentary on things like this. Fire away if you'd like.


Lisa Laree said...

My only commentary is that I've had similar experiences...dreams with oddly detailed conversations that I was not a part of, only to wake up and discover that for the past 10 minutes the radio has been blaring some whacky early-morning-radio-show silliness that, instead of waking me up, just became part of the dream. And it has even happened when the radio was set to 'alarm'...I particularly remember one in which I was looking at a house to possibly purchase, only it was very near a big electric substation and had the most annoying hum all through the house. Of course, that was the alarm buzzing...

Christy said...

This might be way off the mark, but I was wondering if you are currently feeling disabled and like a "big burden" (Big Bird). You are working in the dream, focusing only on the trunk that is white with stains. Do you feel like your work is not good enough? White typically symbolized purity, cleanness, but you see stains on the white trunk. Are you focusing too much on your stains, or perhaps there are stains you do need to address? One more thought, what are trunks used for? Typically to store things. It's a military trunk, so I would assume military weapons and tools would be inside. Have you stored away your spiritual armor lately? I know I have lowered my shield of faith lately and God is working on me in that regard.

Let me know what you think about these thoughts. It won't hurt my feelings if you think I'm coo-coo! ;0)

Dean Lusk said...

Lisa, loved that! :-) The last part was great. Our brains can be funny things.

Christy, I was hoping you'd read the post and reply. I always get a lot of mileage out of your responses and possible interpretations, and this is no exception. Thank you.

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