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31 January 2012

A Strange Dream With Ghosts In It

Saturday evening Callie and I got to sleep a bit late. The lights finally went out around 12:15 AM. I'm one of those people who watches TV in order to fall asleep. I set the sleep timer so it won't blare all night and make me have weird dreams. Callie is one of those who gets in bed in order to fall asleep (crazy, I know). She was dozing within just a couple of minutes. I, on the other hand, stumbled across Avatar roughly in the middle of the movie, when it had about 13 hours left before the finale.

So I watched it. It finally went off around 2AM. Toward the end a "spirit tree" thing (just think of a "symbiotic circle of life" and a tree with god-like intelligence and wisdom) is felled by the evil capitalist warmongering humans, and the heroic but physically handicapped Marine becomes a blue creature with full range of motion and essentially becomes the leader of the blue folks' tribe, and so forth. All this happens on a distant planet in the future. But I digress.

Not surprisingly, I dreamt a dream that night. I remember very little of it. I might not have remembered it at all if I hadn't tried to wake myself from the dream and the effort eventually becoming a yell (in real life). I eventually woke up, first halfway into that odd twilight sort of sleep during which I was still asleep but I could vaguely see things in my room though they seemed almost imaginary, then finally I awoke completely when Callie said, "Wake up! You were yelling out in your sleep." My response was something like, "I know. I did that to wake myself up but it wasn't working. Thanks for waking me up." I digress again.

I remember a few details from the dream, but not much activity in it, if there was any. I was in a long hall. In the hall with me was a plethora of ghosts (or spirits or something of that ilk). Several of them looked a bit like the Nazg├╗l in the Lord of the Rings movies, yet somehow they weren't scary. All were white with a bluish tint from head to toe. I don't recall there being any flowing robes, but neither can I remember what they wore.

There were pillars, spaced about 8-10 feet apart, carved into the walls. In each of the alcoves created by the pillars on either side of the hall stretching as far distant as the eye could see, stood (or sat; couldn't tell) a ghost person, with the hall eventually fading into darkness. It's reminiscent of the hall I've seen in my imagination in which Alice found herself when she'd reached the bottom of her fall at the beginning of her adventures in Wonderland but without the lamps hanging from the ceiling. It was dimly lit, with the warm flickering of organic light from torches rather than electric light, though no torches were visible, either.

The corridor's walls were apparently stone, blue in general with a twist of gold inlay here and there.  I was standing on the right side of the hall looking down its length into the darkness, past all the bluish-white people/things. The only one of them doing anything of note (pun not intended; you'll see) was the one sitting next to me. He was playing the piano, although I don't remember hearing any sound from the instrument. He played while looking down, then looked up (but not at me), and continued playing as he looked back down.

I realized I was dreaming but I couldn't wake myself up by force of will. That's the point at which I began to make an effort to "push" to wake up, resulting in audible speech. It got louder and I knew I was making the sound in real life, but it took Callie saying something to wake me up.

I'm leaning toward the idea that the dream was the result of a very tired brain that had been "conditioned" by a movie, but I'm quite interested in your commentary.


Christy said...

That is the sort of dream I typically have when I am ill and have a fever; dreams where I feel like I've been sucked into another world or something and have to fight my way back. They are also the type that linger in my mind for days afterward and are hard to shake off.

BIll Fowler said...

Dean, I love the imagery. I wish I had dreams this good. I rarely remember dreams and when I do they're ridiculous. Thinking about what yours might mean, I ran a quick and very unscientific search for "dreams" at Bible Gateway and there are 29 references. God speaks in dreams more than I realized.

I'm not going to venture a guess into what this one might mean; all in the eye (or eye lids) of the beholder, I suppose. Just commenting here to note the interestingly large amount of dream references there are in the Bible.

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