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16 January 2012

EGBDF - The Album - Wish (Intro)

Today I continue with the low-down on the songs on my home-made album, EGBDF. Song number six is called "Wish" and is the one song with which I was graced with a cowriter.

I have a tendency to write murky lyrics. They're tough to understand sometimes, probably because I don't give them enough of a foundation upon which one can run with his imagination. "Wish" falls into thus category, I think. My brother in Christ, prolific songwriter Mark Williams, co-wrote the lyrics and among other parts, penned the bridge, one of the more elegant lines in the song.

But before I write about "Wish," I'd like to know what you think it's talking about. I've often wondered if it communicates the narrative or meaning that was intended. Take a look and leave a comment with your thoughts. It's perfectly acceptable to say that it doesn't seem to make sense.

Verse 1
Born and raised in Dixie; slow-motion dreams.
Open invitation, same old routine.
Instant recognition: just one more face.
Terminal condition; is it worth it?

I won't wish on a fallen star,
Though sometimes that's all I can see.
(And) I won't wish, but I'll still believe.
The choice is up to me.

Verse 2
Born again in Dixie; old country church;
Lifetime dedication, love reimbursed.
Destination heaven when this life ends.
There are no regrets 'cause it's been worth it.

When fallen angels sing their lullabies,
Temporary brilliance becomes permanent night.

(Chorus repeats a few times)

Okay, take it away! What does all this mean?


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