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04 November 2011

November Loads of Love

Tomorrow morning -- the first Saturday of the month -- we'll be at Five Points Laundromat in Huntsville, AL for Loads of Love, where we wash clothes for people who could use a hand. What makes tomorrow morning a little different is that we need your physical assistance. Yes, you: the person in the Huntsville, AL area reading this. For a little more info, our flyer sums up Loads of Love:

On November 5 we invite you to Five Points Laundromat (815 Wellman Ave, 35801) to wash and dry your clothes (up to three loads - for blankets and heavy items, one to two loads) free of charge or obligation. Just show up with dirty clothes and we'll provide detergent, fabric softener, bleach, and the washers and dryers so they'll be clean when you leave.

Loads of Love happens the first Saturday of every month, from 8:30 until 11:30 in the morning. Coffee, orange juice, water, and snacks are a part of every Loads of Love event!

Our goal is to develop relationships with people. We want to have the privilege of praying with them, hearing what's going on in their lives, sharing Jesus Christ, and helping them with something that many of us take for granted: washing clothes.

Again, I'm posting this because we need your help. Yes, it's a little last-minute; turns out we're going to be short-handed tomorrow. Would you work with us? We meet at 8:00 at the laundromat, get set up, pray, and start helping people wash their clothes. Click here to e-mail me with questions or to tell me you'd love to help!


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