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02 November 2011

No-Shave November - It's That Time of Year!

I don't "do" causes. That is to say, as a rule I don't engage in efforts to promote awareness of any particular movement, except for living in a way that I hope honors Jesus Christ. But Jesus isn't a "movement" or a grass-roots effort.

In a post today my online pal and brother in Christ, Shawn Wallace, encourges people to stop shaving (or to start). Heck, it IS No-Shave November, after all. And he offers a challenge which has just about convinced me to go all anti-razor for a cause (still yet to be determined).

I guess that's the reason No-Shave November was started in the first place. I don't know. I just thought it was some silly thing to do just for the heck of it.

Hit Shawn's blog and see what he's championing by sporting a new (and slightly disturbing) look (I suggested ditching the eyebrows, too, by the way).

This would be my first ever "to promote awareness of" group effort thing, and to be honest just thinking about it makes me feel like an icky conformist (not that people who do things for a cause are icky conformists -- just me). If I move forward with it I'll let you know the details.


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