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10 November 2011

Another Story From the Subconscious

Saturday night I had a dream.

It was a weekday and I found myself driving my police car to school. Yes, I was back in school again -- middle school -- and yes, I had a cop car. It seemed very normal at the time. Why I was driving at middle school age I'm not sure. I drove halfway to school and parked in front of my grandparents' old garage (the long, white one my dad helped build when he was a boy), changed cars to whatever other car I was supposed to drive, and continued on to school.

I rememer nothing of the day but I recall that my son went to another school. Not sure how he got there. Seems like we were both in middle schools.

I recall that the roads were jammed on the way back to the garage where I had to get the police car after school.

I got there, opened the door of the car (I believe it had turned into a pickup truck at this point) and started it, having some difficulty turning the key in the large blue plastic ignition assembly. When it started I was going to put my hands on the wheel and change gears to drive away, and that's when I saw that the steering wheel was gone. So was the steering column, the radio, gauges, etc. The dash was a totally empty blue carpeted panel with a few holes where things like the steering wheel went through.

I wasn't totally sure I was in the right vehicle so I checked around for others, but it was the only one around. I walked to the door of a mobile home that was nearby to check and see if the keys were inside, but didn't even get to the front door because for some reason I felt like I shouldn't. It wasn't intimidating, but I just had a feeling I shouldn't knock on the door. It was a small and slightly older mobile home, by the way, and looked very familiar, though I'm not sure why.

I don't know where we were, but a little later I was standing and listening to a police officer or a relative, I'm not sure which, explain that someone had, indeed, stolen the steering wheel out of a car that had been parked and the doors left unlocked. I was nervous, thinking that I might be responsible for covering the cost of the theft.

Unfortunately I don't remember much more from the night's weird brain waves, so I'll end here and invite your comments should you decide to leave any.


Christy said...

I'm going to go out on a limb here and try to analyze your dream. The police car represents authority. You started out driving the police car, but ended up switching to another. Are you struggling with being an authority figure?

You and your son are both in middle school (for most of us, middle school was the most challenging time) - are you are relating to difficulties he is currently dealing with?

You find the steering wheel and other controls gone - are you feeling out of control?

You hesitate going to the trailer - are you unsure of how to approach current challenges, even though they are familiar ones?

I'm probably wacko in my analysis - but you get what you pay for. ;0)

Dean Lusk said...

Didn't have time when I initially read this to say thank you, but thank you!

That all makes quite a bit of sense. Started praying about some of those questions.

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