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11 October 2011

When God Sounds Like a Charlie Brown Grown-Up

Yes, yes, Charles Schulz' comic strip is called "Peanuts", not "Charlie Brown", but I figured the latter would be most familiar for a title.

Most people of my generation are familiar with the voices of Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus, and the rest of the "Peanuts" entourage. Those who are younger have surely seen the Christmas special, if nothing else.

I'm not sure if it's the most enjoyable or most annoying feature of the animated shows, but adults in Charlie Brown's world talk like this: "Wa-WAUGH-wuh-wauh-waw." The kids on the cartoon understand what the adults are saying. I don't.

And sometimes God sounds like that to me. It's likely that you've experienced this at sone point, too. You can read the Word, you can pray, meet with other believers, do the good deeds you know you should do, but there's no "hearing from God," so it seems. At least, it's terribly hard to understand Him.

So what do you do in that situation? What do you do when God sounds like a "Peanuts" adult?


John King said...

Not sure what your trying to hear from God. Maybe he is saying no. And when we hear no we dont hear it like we hear yes.
Jesus said he would reveal all to us as needed. In other words until we reach the time of repemtion for our sins. We will never know everything. Jesus also uses others ways to get the messege to us. He uses angels etc. Im finding that the less "clutter" mess in my head. Helps me hear him in my heart. This "clutter" can consume you. Thats evil putting up road blocks. You must stay on the path an not give up. I know this well due to I have given up. not on God. But on the clutter in my life. I have no need for clutter. Makes worship harder currently, but God knows im not running away from him. Just the clutter that keeps me from hearing him...Blah...blah Peanuts. I want to hear him loud an clear. Thats my take on how I deal with not being able to hear him..

John King said...

I love Peanuts...Snoopy was my about alittle post...I can't stay away from "peanuts'..

Dean Lusk said...

"This 'clutter' can consume you. Thats evil putting up road blocks. You must stay on the path an not give up."

Good word, John! These are the times we're to persevere even more.

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