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16 October 2011

Tim Hawkins

This evening my family will be in Jonesboro, GA to see comedian Tim Hawkins. Yes, we love him THAT much!

Not really. But he is funny.

We intended to see him when he came to Huntsville, AL (my daughter is a huge fan and months in advance we promised her we'd go) but we procrastinated on getting tickets -- difficult to believe, I realize -- and the event sold out. We took the opportunity to catch his performance at the next closest city. Five hours away. The great thing is that it's quite close to my wife's cousin's house, so we enjoyed the weekend chilling with Matt, his wife Cat, and their little daughter Emery.

No moral to the story today. Not even an interesting tale of anything nutty that happened this weekend. Just wanted to share.

By the way, my in-laws are house-sitting.


Lisa Laree said...

We were at the Huntsville show. My face hurt when we left.

However, he said he'd come back. :-D

See you at the next one...

Karen said...

I was at the Huntsville show as well. Hope you enjoyed him as much as we did!

Dean Lusk said...

It was great! Several favorite things, but maybe the best was him showing the book "Cooking with Pooh". I'm going to buy that book and proudly display it in my office at work.

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