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26 October 2011

This ΙΧΘΥΣ Unit Has a Bad Motivator

I apologize, but this post contains no Star Wars allusions other than the title.

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On a heads-up via a tweet from my friend Jay, I read an article from WAFF TV -- the story of Lauderdale County, AL high schools being challenged regarding prayers over the PA system to open football games each Friday. Simply stated, "The Freedom from Religion Foundation called the prayers over loudspeakers illegal."

Now that a challenge to a traditional public prayer has been made, it seems to set the stage for Christians to respond or react. I commented on our reactions to these kinds of situations at this blog a few days ago. In fairness, it can be difficult to determine the most Christ-honoring way of responding or reacting to a person or group that acts in opposition to something we value.
Some comments from local residents are included in the story. One Lauderdale County lady who was interviewed gave the statement, "I think it's a disgrace. And one of these days, they'll answer for that." This type of reaction is likely to be typical of Christians who live in the south; maybe everywhere in America, but I can only comfortably stereotype the people in the general region where I've grown up. Some people will take more extreme or vocal positions, and some may not care.

I'd like to get your opinion, but not about what you think the Christian response should be. I want to know what our motivator typically is for responding. And if that's different from what it should be, I'd like to know your opinion on that, too. Is it an unquenchable desire to see Jesus Christ glorified and seen for Who He is? Is it because we perceive a threat to religious practices and is the first stride down a proverbial slippery slope, at the bottom of which we lose our freedom to worship the way we see fit? Is it our compassion for people? Is it something else?

Does the motivator matter?


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