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18 July 2011

Please Do Not Adjust Your Set

Happy Monday!
No doubt you've noticed that the blog has gone for a while without an update. This has not been intentional. We've had some show-stopping technical difficulties that are finally being resolved.
While you wait patiently, please reread the latest previous post, "Imitator or Fan?" My first or second post after the technical issue resolution will be a follow-up to it. It will feature a clip from an original song (music only; I never wrote words for it) that I affectionately and appropriately call simply "Copyright Infringement Original". The working title of that post is "Copyright Infringement Christians".
Another post in the works will be called either "Does God Say, 'Gotcha!'?" or (in the words of the inimitable Gilligan) "I Wish We Were Off the Island!" I'm looking forward to that one.


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