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26 July 2011

Haiti:11 Project

For those who may not know, my son is currently in Haiti on a discipling/construction trip with a group of our friends; some from Wall Highway Baptist Church and some from Summit Crossing Community Church. I encourage you to stay up on what's happening with them at their blog site,

It's incredibly cool to see that Mission of Hope Haiti's long-term goals seem to be having a great impact on the country, even if it's only begun in a small area. Have a look at what my friend Kirk related in his post on July 24:

The village of Leveque is where they are building 500 new 16x20' homes. Also, we visited a 55 acre farm that will become the home of new primary school and agricultural training facility. It's evident that the government of Haiti believes in MOH. They have provided the land for both of these projects. The homes and land will become the property of the Haitian residents after a 5 year "rental" period.

MoH and other organizations in Haiti are fueled by Americans (in large part Christians who are on mission trips) and people from other countries who are willing to freely give of their time and their hard work to help. It honestly is beginning to feel like there is hope for this country that "is ranked 149th out of 177 on the 2009 United Nations Human Development Index." (Statistic via Mission of Hope's website)

Here's a photo of my son that our friend Nancy sent me. Nelson is with "Jedi" Jerkins, whose aspiration is to become a preacher and an actor. (Don't run with that; I was tempted to...)


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