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02 June 2011

I Want to Write Something...

I'm listening to a live album of "worship music" right now.
There are several songs on this album that contain lyrics like these: "We just want to worship You," "We will worship You, Lord," or "We're gonna bow before You," etc. (often tagged with the generalized statement, "Because You're worthy," which is quite different from the way we see all of heaven saying and singing using that phrase in Revelation.)
"We just want to worship You."
Isn't that like going to talk to your dad, and for four or five minutes saying something like, "Dad, I just want to talk to you. I'm going to talk to you, Dad, and I want to shake your hand. Because you're worthy. I want to talk to you. I'm going to talk to you. Because you're worthy."
My dad might wonder when I started taking drugs, or when I thought I'd become a comedian. I doubt that he'd get anything... well... worthy, out of such a conversation.


Susan Richardson said...

I have felt for a long time that so-called worship songs are not worship at all if the don't speak directly to the Father. I love "I Worship You, Almighty God, there is none like You", "All Hail King Jesus", etc. I can envision myself looking into His face and singing these words directly to Him. I love these type songs because, somewhat selfishly, they not only bless the Father, but because He in turn blesses me as I sing them. Many times during corporate worship, when songs that talk about "going to" praise Him, etc., I will change the words as I sing them to make the personal, from me to my Saviour and Father God. I hope others do the same, until all of our worship songs speak directly to the Father.

Dean Lusk said...

I completely agree, Susan. At some point I discovered that that's why I liked certain traditional hymns rather than others. For instance, "Count Your Blessings" trails "Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing" by a pretty good distance. :-)

John King said...

I Wrote a song....I wrote it for Jesus. meanning I wrote a true story turned into lyrics, but for God.
Title: Jesus...I hope you understand.
The song is about me before being saved..
I knew before writing it, that he indeed understood. The song has a messege for the Unsaved an lost. For me writing a Christin Song is easy if you follow your heart. Some of the very best music in history was written this way.
John King

Dean Lusk said...

@John, you said, "For me writing a Christian song is easy if you follow your heart."

I've discovered that. Some of my worst songs were written when I tried to force something that I thought people wanted to hear.

I'm going to get to hear your song(s) soon, I hope? Friday?

John King said...

Sorry wasn't refering that to your music Dean. I've heard your unrealesed music....and it should be was writing that for other musicians to see. Some dont think outside of the box. I read in another Blog this guy does his own music...Everything. Now currently thats what Dean has been doing. His skills behind each instrument. You'd never know..But there are some who think they can do it all....and it usally sounds bad. And no energy..
Playing music, writing music, is a gift. We should all share it.
If its written like I said from the heart. It can be in some cases a great worship song.
With the way music is changing. And churches wanting to keep the masses happy. You will hear some songs which I agree aren't worship songs for me. But for others, they can be. I think that is due to ones music "taste". We have light christian rock to Christian Rap...Experinced a Stryer concert. Im not a fan, however 1 song did get to my heart. There are songs in which can make me cry...And some that lift me up..For me I consider those songs worship songs.

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