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11 April 2011

Upcoming Record

I think I'm going to call my upcoming album a "record" because it sounds like I'm an insider in the biz. Plus, not only will old people know what that means, kids will think it's retro (and therefore cool).

One Potential Record Cover
The upshot is that I'm in the process of putting together a set of music I've written and recorded over the years. I may add a couple of brand-new songs to those, but in the interest of time I'll likely go with those that are already "in the can" (another music insider term, FYI; doesn't have anything to do with a bathroom). It should be available on iTunes and, and hopefully Napster and other electronic retailers. If you're old school and would prefer an actual CD, let me know, because I'd like to do that, as well. It's just a more expensive propostion.

The working title of the record is, believe it or not, "EGBDF."

The songs will not fit everyone's tastes, I'm sure of that. They'll be mostly rock, although I'll probably include a Southern Gospel-styled instrumental of "There's A Land That Is Fairer Than Day."

Proceeds will go to my bank account. Just being honest. I'd be very grateful if you'd spread the word, and watch my Facebook page, Twitter, and this blog for updates and details.


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