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29 April 2011


We live in a suburb of Huntsville, AL. A you probably know, a tornado ripped through on Wednesday night and devastated several areas. The death toll is climbing slowly, but we've been blessed that although the property damage is extensive around us, loss of life seems to have been less than is could've been. Definitely less than I anticipated.

But the hurt will run deep. Pray with us for people and families who have lost relatives, friends, houses, and businesses. Ask God to continue to move through His people to show us whatever good He will bring out of it. (We're not all always in the loop on knowing the good He brings out of seemingly evil circumstances.)

The people who live in north Alabama are, in my opinion, the best neighbors in the world. Emergency response crews are amazing. Public officials have been forthcoming and communicative. Couldn't ask for more.

Power is out almost everywhere (except in Athens, and Callie and I are at Starbucks as I type this, where there's expensive java and a free wireless network!). As of yesterday, the anticipated restoration of power would be made in 5-7 days.

May God show you how He's working today, and may you have the willingness to join Him!


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