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08 April 2011

Happy 20th Aniversary To Me (and Callie)!

Two days ago (April 6, 2011) my wife and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary! I sometimes think that I'd love to go back and change some of the stupid things I've done over the course of our lives together, but when I realize that even those things had a hand in bringing us to where we are today (keeping a correct reading of Romans 8:28 in mind; God didn't cause or tempt either of us to make mistakes, but as we've pursued and loved Him He's brought good out of them when they've come along), I decide that I wouldn't want to change a thing -- even the things that hurt badly at the time.

Together we've learned some very important facts over these often-strange yet ultimately fantastic years: 
  • If you love (in actions as well as "in your heart") God before all else, your spouse next, and yourself last, even times that are horribly tough will be situations that you will weather.
  • If it's just religious-speak to say that you love God before all else, your spouse next, and yourself last, your relationship is likely going to be very difficult.
  • The best things (spiritual growth, relational growth, love, understanding of the other person, etc.) come if both of you are willing to (and do) love God before all else, your spouse next, and yourself last.
Do you see a common theme? If so, I think you should grab a highlighter and mark your screen so you'll never forget it.

On Wednesday I celebrated our anniversary publicly by posting to Twitter and Facebook 20 reasons that I love my wife. Without further ado, here is the list:

1. She loves Jesus Christ.

2. She loves me.

3. She is unfathomably forgiving.

4. She has incredibly amazing taste in men

5. She is not absent-minded like I am.

6. She likes almost all the same music I like.

7. She is beautiful (and not just that "internal beauty" thing people talk about).

8. She overlooks my faults and loves me in spite of them.

9. She doesn't let on that she's embarrassed when I wear white pants at age 41 (and prior to Easter).

10. She is a self-sacrificing mother.

11. She no longer gets visibly irritated when I forget stuff.

12. She will most likely forgive me for embarrassing her by posting "20 Things I Love About My Wife" one item at a time.

13. She is persistent about me building bookcases and an addition to the house. Wait, don't count this one...

13. She tolerates my hyper-uber-long-range contemplative phase prior to building bookcases and an addition to the house.

14. She got me Superman floor mats for our anniversary!

15. She likes big-budget sci-fi and action/adventure movies

16. She's happy with life even though we can't afford as much cool stuff as many of our friends.

17. She often reminds me of the heart of a Scripture whem I'm trying to go all philosophical (naah, this *never* happens).

18. She has a double-standard: she values my welfare above her own.

19. She didn't break up with me after I wrote that disuietingly-awful song (and played the tape) for her 22 years ago.

20. She knew me well and married me anyway, then got to know me *very* well and stayed with me anyway. Amazing!

Happy anniversary, Callie! I love you!


Lisa Laree said...

I missed the fb posts on Wednesday, so I'll wish you a belated happy anniversary and forcibly restrain myself from expressing old person shock that you've been married for 20 years...

Dean Lusk said...

Thanks, Lisa! It's a little shocking here, too, so no worries.

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