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25 March 2011

Hey, you're wearing a really holy shirt...

I really like this shirt. It's my current favorite, and it has been for a few years. The problem is, I can't really wear it anywhere unless I have another black shirt on under it. The material is now very thin, it's lost much of its elasticity, and it has a few holes in it (not where you'd expect, like around the collar or arms, but in the lower middle of the back. No idea how that happened).

The shirt has become tattered due to repeated use. The thing is, not only do I not really notice the wear and tear, but I like to wear the shirt -- I ignore its holiness. I have plenty of other shirts to wear, but I prefer this one.

The only people who notice the holes are... anyone but me.

I notice the bad things on (and in) other people far more than I notice them on (and in) myself.

Someone who doesn't live with this shirt and doesn't love it is probably going to see it for what it is -- a tattered piece of cloth that should really be thrown away. If I saw the shirt on someone else and knew he had plenty of other clothes, I'd probably wonder why he chose to wear the shirt in public.

Welcome, O double standard. I can wear a moth-eaten shirt and it's justifiable. You can't.

There are two tons of Scriptures that address this. The one I've encountered most recently is Romans 2, which I paraphrased a couple of days ago. In Romans 2, Paul tells the Christians in Rome that they'd better not be casting stones at non-believers if they're doing the very same things as those people.

Before you judge a man by his moth-eaten shirt, examine your own clothes to make sure you're not wearing the very things at which you turn up your nose.


Anonymous said...

One of my favorite shirts is a years-old (8+ years) brown Army undershirt that has been splashed with bleach (actually making pink splotches). So Dean, I say wear on!!


Dean Lusk said...

Right. I was going for the parallel here, so it doesn't mean I have to stop wearing the shirt in real life! Woo!

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