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12 January 2011

A Sign of the Times

While searching to see if my place of employment would be cloed due to ice on the roads, I read this news story at a local TV station's website: Local Religious Leaders Respond to Atheist Bilboard. It's also been reported on by other local media outlets.

I'd not heard about the billboard before reading the article, but the sign reads, "You KNOW they're all SCAMS," and depicts symbols from a variety of religious faiths, also showing a date for a "Southeast Regional Atheist Meet." Several religious leaders were interviewed and they shared a variety of thoughts and observations.

Is any response warranted from the Christian community? (This is the only group to which I can speak because I belong to it.)

I've noticed a growing sentiment among both atheists and Christians, from personal conversations to local and national news stories. It's interesting to me that each group believes that the other has gained serious traction in both government and in the media; enough to be alarming. The same kinds of stories and situations my Christian friends see as evidence of bias or even persecution have been cited by atheist friends as indicators that religion has a large -- and problematic -- influence on our culture.

Very interesting.

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M said...

The first thought that I had when I saw this pic on your blog was; "Atheist's are all scams..duh!",because I thought that's what the billboard was depicting, my mistake.... but then again I have "fire insurance" :)

John King said...

You mentioned, should we as Christians address this. yes is my answer. The sign represents a few things. 1. Athests...2. Politics
3. That some churches are just what the billboard reads.. "scams.
I dont think 1&2 need to be addressed. but 3. scams. As much as we dont want to admit it. There are all types of churches across the world in which are a scam. We all have seen small to Huge Churches fall to sin an scandal. The Answer. Yes answer to those who question Chrstians. It says in the Bible christians will be persucted. We are daily. But we do nothing due to "Grace" to defend our Belives. This makes us a target an weak. This allows churches to become a scam. How an why, the Congregation just leaves the church as moves on to another. Its in Gods hands they say. God does expect us to try. Not to be Judges. but to speak up when the "word" isn't being Glorified. Most don't an thats sad. Last point in why people put these bullentins up. an about putting Christians down.On one road here in Bama.In less than 10 miles. an this is a side road. There are 21 churches. An most are all baptist. None are full. An the Ads on TV. In this economy, this is a total waste of funds. We dont need more churches. We need to come together. Were self destructing by not growing together. The unsaved see this. What would you think if you dint have God in your heart an saw this. We must with Grace stand up for the truth. Joel Olstem was just raked over the coals on CNN interview the other nite. Why, because he has too much grace an didn't defend God as he could have. He tried. But his Grace made him look as not the real deal...thats a shame too...Dont give up...

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