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01 December 2010

My Attention Span

Yesterday I decided I'd turn on my "vacation auto-responder" and let it intercept all of my personal e-mail during work hours. Here's what it said (and still says):
I'm doing my best not to check personal e-mail or Facebook posts while my employer is paying me to work. I already have some level of A.D.D., I'm sure, so I'm making an effort to eliminate distractions. If I don't respond in a timely manner, don't worry. I still love you.  =)
(This is obviously an automated response.)
I never have frivolously wasted my company's time by being excessive in personal e-mail time. But we're afforded the luxury of being self-motivated, and there is plenty of freedom to use our time the way we see fit, as long as we're able to give our best on our job. I've thoroughly enjoyed the past two days. Less personal e-mail (I've responded to a few) and a whole lot more work. It's been very cool. This plan works for me. I have the attention span of...
Hey, it's only 24 days until Christmas!


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