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06 November 2010

Out of the House, Into Fellowship

This post uses a lot of words to tell you why staying in close fellowship with believers throughout the week is often hard for me.

From the time I was about 19 years old until I was 33 or 34 (I think), I worked pretty much around the clock. (Mercifully, I had a passion for my work -- it was music.)

In the earlier years I worked at local music stores (barely able to get in to work on time at the crack of 10AM), and on a typical night, when I got off at 6PM I'd head to the recording studio to engineer until 11:00 or midnight. The nights I didn't have to engineer, I'd typically get home and receive a call from a friend or acquaintance asking me how to operate a drum machine or what mic they should use for such-and-such an application. I worked Saturdays at the music store.

When I moved into the workforce that actually made a bit of money, I had the same sort of schedule. I didn't have to work at my 9 to 5 job on Saturdays, so most of the time I'd wind up at the studio. I played the piano for various church fellowships during that time, too, so Wednesday nights and Sunday morning and evening were spoken for.

I eventually got burned out on writing music. I got burned out on going anywhere, because I had to drive all the time (the studio in the later years of that time span was about 25 miles from town). I basically missed the first three years of my son's life. I'd have to keep him up late in order to spend time with him (and I frequently did so, and he slept in the bed with us for almost all those three years -- I had to spend some time with him somehow!).

When the time finally came that I didn't have to work all those hours to make ends meet, I found that I could actually come home and sit on the couch and watch TV (!!). It was weird. It was wonderful.

The residual impact from those years, though they're in the moderately distant past now, has congealed to make me love staying at home. When I get home from work, I do not want to go anywhere. The problem is, I believe that the Church, in order to be the life-form that God created it to be, must stay connected. That really can't happen if the group simply meets on Sunday (and mid-week).

My confession: it takes a lot for me to push myself to get out of the house and into the lives of others. I've found that this is an area where I need for God to heal old "scars" (that's pushing it a little; I honestly enjoyed what I did, but too much of anything is very bad). I'm in need of Him to change the way I think, and to overrule the selfish desire to take it easy, because I find it too easy to... well... take it easy.

What's an area in your life that you know you have to change, or that you have changed based upon direction you've found in the Christ? It may be something that's not "sin," but is a definite stumbling block for you.


Alaina said...

Nana wants to comment on your blog and she doesn't know how. can you tell her how through e mail?

Alaina said...

Never mind, I just showed her.

Dean Lusk said...


Then I'll be expecting a comment! (a first from one of my parents, I think...?)

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