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03 October 2010

New Family Members

Today was a fantastic day!

I had the privilege of baptizing a new sister in Christ, and a brother in Christ who's been a believer for a while. Our usual Sunday group met with a number of friends at Joe Wheeler State Park for food (spiritual phrse is "breaking bread"), baptism, and singing.

The weather was a little less than ideal, temperature-wise, but it was a beautiful-looking day! The photo below is one that's a little unnerving. It was snapped at the perfect time to look really... disturbing.

Again, today was fantastic! It was a huge privilege to meet with the body of Christ and be able to share in celebration of new life in Jesus Christ.

I'm curious to know your thoughts... who do you believe is Scripturally "authorized" to baptize others? What does the Word say? Remember, We don't baptize believers in the name of the person baptizing. We baptize them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Closing thought: as you jump into the week, don't plug Jesus into your life. Instead, plug your life into His.


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