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30 September 2010


Hi. My name is Dean Lusk and I'm a recovering spiritual elitist.

If you know me or if you've followed this blog for a while, even loosely, you'll know that at the end of April my family moved out of the typically-understood "church" setting. I resigned my position on staff as worship pastor at a local fellowship and we began to meet with a much smaller group in homes.

This was the result of at least two years of intense study of the Word and prayer. Although I've read various books on church history and have certainly read a couple of books on organic church (a phrase I've discovered is considered with disdain by many Christians, is often misunderstood, and is often twisted by house churches) the primary influence, and the only serious deciding factor in our decision, was the Word.

It took a few months after our move for me to realize and admit that I'd developed a thing called "spiritual arrogance." It's embarrassing, but it's true. Along with that attitude can come legalism, a lack of grace, inner turmoil, and a general superiority complex. It can come, and it did.

How Christ-honoring.

I've repented; I've confessed this to God, asked for His forgiveness, and turned from it. I'm daily keeping my eyes on Christ, and although I know I've slipped into that trap here and there, I pray that I've recognized it far more often than not and avoided it. If you see me pulling that crap again, please call me on it.

To summarize and wrap up, I ask you, my readers, for forgiveness for my elitist attitude. It's come across in blistering ways here. I can't promise that I won't talk about controversial topics. I know that I will. But I'll be doing my best to be Spirit-led, Spirit-filled, and exhibit a bunch of grace.


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