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08 September 2010

Hot Pavement

One nice summer day when I was three or four years old, our road was being paved. My brother, who is three years older than I, was standing in the yard with me, watching the huge steamroller go by and marveling at the slick black pavement that was now smoothed out in front of us. I was wearing a yellow terry cloth outfit (yes, yellow terry cloth); a tank-top and matching pants. Why do I remember that? No idea, and it's not relevant to the story.

After the steamroller had gone past (some distance past, as I recall being intimidated), we walked to the edge of the road and my brother said, "I dare you to put your foot in that," gesturing toward the fresh, smooth pavement. Even at that age I'd seen hand and foot impressions in concrete, so I thought that I'd not only take the dare, but in doing so I'd immortalize my foot impression in the road. It was slick and seamless, and my foot, I imagined, would leave a nice, deep impression.

I recall putting my weight down on my leg as I stepped one foot onto the pavement. Not only did the asphalt not give way to my foot, but it was blisteringly hot. I remember screaming and, with a scalding-hot foot, running inside to get my mom, crying.

I remember the rest vaguely. My mom, an excellent kid-doctor, made my foot better. I was into cowboy boots at that age, and I remember lying on the bed with a boot on that foot, probably on top of a cold cloth. I think this was just one of those comfort things.

I don't know if my brother got into much trouble for that; at that age I wasn't really too worried about that. The last thing I remember about that day was going around and repeatedly saying, "Hot pavement hot pavement hot pavement hot pavement..."

And the moral of this story is...?


Tony M said...

... never listen to your brother?

John King said...

or any family member Tony//lol
Sorry for the fun Dean. First I think this left a scar on your heart. Now since that happened you might not trust anyome. When bullys whether family or not. They can really cause a scar for life. An cause also a person to not listen to anything.
We say how could God allow this to happen. Its not God. Its evil.
Alot of adults are on medicine or in counseling due to they indure this type of treatment. Counselors call us easy targets. My advice surround yourself with Christians who love an repect you. For who you are. Not what they can make you do.
Its also sad to see brothers an sisters do these things. I'm sure your brother didnt know how bad that could have really been. What if you fell into it. Your lucky only your foot got burned.
A family member of mine. He used to lie to mom. Say another brother did something. An when the mom called the other brother inside for punishment he didnt deserve. The brother who was dishonest. He laughed an teased his brother while inside. But when the bad brother came in for the day/ He got a punshment from his brother. But he continued to do it knowing he'd get beat up later.
Now he looks back on it an laughs. Hasnt changed since a kid. So adullts can do the samething also Dean. Thats much worse to me. Due to they know better

Dean Lusk said...

Tony, I think this incident helped to train me. :-)

Very real and weighty issues you've brought up, John. I'm sorry if this post brought things to mind that are better put behind. I meant to just go light-hearted today as a change from my usual heavy kinds of posts. Very honestly, the main things I think of when I recall this story are my yellow terry cloth jump suit thingy and my one cowboy boot. Again, I'm sorry for the pain it brought up.

My brother and I each did our share of antagonizing one another; I don't have any deep-seated (or surface) hurt. My memories of childhood usually involve us playing together, and I'd always want to be on the same team when the two of us played with little green Army men. Didn't work out too well with just two players...

John King said...

It didnt bother me. I just agree that brothers an or sisters can be untrustworty.
I was only trying to add examples of this.
im cool....thanks

Dean Lusk said...

Good! Because I was starting to feel like doo doo. :-) (can I say "doo doo" here? Wait... it's my blog!)

I won't tell the story of the scissors thrown down the hall that hit me just below my eye.. I antagonized, my brother retaliated, and I think we BOTH learned a lesson that day.

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