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11 June 2010

The String Incident

Being aware that something bad or unwanted may happen doesn't ensure that you can avert catastrophe. This is one of the reasons that it's really not a good idea to be paranoid about stuff. Be prepared, yes. Paranoid, no.

Earlier this week at my friend Dwight's birthday shindig, I talked with him and his dad about the topic of archery. We talked about restringing a bow and I mentioned a time when I'd shot a compound bow and the string had twanged against the inside of my left arm on its way to propel the arrow toward the target. It hurt.

A short while later we were in the back yard and Dwight brought his bow out. I'm betting you have an idea where I'm going with this. Dwight is a big guy. He MIGHT be able to lift more weight than I can. I say that because he has 70 lbs. of tension on his bowstring and uses it like that all the time. As I pulled it back I said, "Sheesh, Dwight!"

So there I was, bow drawn, sights on the target. I couldn't let fear of hitting my arm make me mess up, so I ignored my instinct. "Thwipp!!!" The first arrow was away. Good joss! A clean shot! It went about five inches to the left of where I was aiming, though. That was unacceptable; I had to compensate on the next shot.

Let me break here to quote from a couple of websites:

Hitting your arm is one of the unpleasantries of archery. (Amen, brother.)

The effort of overcoming the force of the bow may well have caused you to rotate your forearm into the path of the string. At best, this could result in a spoiled shot owing to the deflected string. At worst, you could end up shaving off a substantial amount of skin from the inside of your arm.

The latter is what happened when I let go of the second arrow. I pushed my left hand in a way that brought my arm into the path of the string.

I just knew I had fileted a quarter inch of skin off of the soft part of my arm. At the very moment of scraping impact, I thought, "No way. I was just talking about doing this, and here I am doing what I was aware that I shouldn't do." Or something like that -- it took a fraction of a second to think it.

What would the solution be for next time? I'd probably want to do some minimal research on how to hold the bow, listen to Dwight's coaching (In most situations I'm prone to think, "Yeah, yeah. I know, I know."), etc.

What's that sin that so easily trips you, personally, up? The one that you're definitely always aware of, but you seem to mess up and do it again? Being on your guard doesn't ensure that you're going to stand strong.

To be fair, the bow incident was an accident. When we give in to sin, we're going in with eyes wide open in almost every case.

These things happened to them as examples for us. They were written down to warn us who live at the end of the age. If you think you are standing strong, be careful not to fall. The temptations in your life are no different from what others experience. And God is faithful. He will not allow the temptation to be more than you can stand. When you are tempted, he will show you a way out so that you can endure.
- 1 Corinthians 10:11-13 (NLT)

Interested in your thoughts.


John King said...

The opening paragragh. What do you do. example...Dwight was telling you how to pull the bow correctly I assume. You let it go in 1 ear an out the other as you said in the post. I think thats very common for all. And I don't fault you for it. We listen to what we really want to hear an the rest we filter out. Sometimes when a person tells another person about a problem. An the person who they are reaching out to filters it.
Like your arm, it gets hurt. I have learned that Most Christians Do Not want to get involved in certain issues. They filter it out. They instead say they will pray for you. An try to not get involved, due to my opinion. They are of true heart. An dont like controversary. Instead there Faith is so Strong they belive prayer is the answer. Not always in all cases.
The end result usally is the person asking for assistance. Gets little to none. An they than become a broken arrow. Unable to fly straight. I don't blame anyone for not getting involved. But it does hurt. I think the word paraniod, can be used much to easily an helps as a excuse to not get involved. Oh hes over reacting...hes parinod...etc. An if they are parinod, sick in the mind, than isn't it our obligation to help the sick. I've never seen a Pastor in a mental health hospital in my life. See them saying there in the jail helping all the time. But never the mentally ill. God can heal the sick minded. But only with the help of fellow Christians. We tend to pick an choose who we want to pray for an help. I think All should be helped an prayed for.
So yes be prepared for the good the bad an the ugly. Cause it can go in any of those directions. This post is about me. I'm not posting this for sympathy. Just to make a simple point. I dont blame anyone for my problems. If I could go back in time. I would not have asked for help. But handled it my way. I wore out my friends asking for help. Not taking God out of the situation. But not asking for help anymore. Due to it caused me many friends who simply dont know the truth. Doesn't matter who is right or wrong. But when the truth gets filtered, its a mess. So for me im holding my tounge in front of anyone. An as many of you. Im just going to continue to have faith, an pray for God to heal all of us.

Dean Lusk said...

A lot of valid statements and observations in your comment...

You said, "I think the word paraniod, can be used much too easily an helps as a excuse to not get involved." You meant someone else thinking a person is paranoid, but also there's the problem of people being paranoid to help because, like you said, they don't want to get involved.

I've been guilty of that, and sadly, I don't think I'm alone. It makes me think of this verse: "Share each other’s burdens, and in this way obey the law of Christ." (Galatians 6:2)

We ignore that verse all too often.

Dean Lusk said...

By the way, I did listen to Dwight as he was giving me advice. I'm usually prone to being headstrong, but this time I wasn't.

He said, "Don't grip the bow handle; just make a 'V' with your hand and sort of cradle it as you aim."

So I did, and when I did I pushed the bow too far with that "cradle" in my hand, and that's when I pulled the bow in line with my arm (or put my arm in the line of fire), causing the mishap.

So I did listen, but I over-compensated. Thought that was interesting...

Jeff said...

The only thing that could make this post better is a pic of the "arm fillet!" We want pix! We want pix!
(whoa, I'm such the blood-thirsty, violent type)

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