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26 June 2010

And They're Off!

My son left last night (or early this morning, to be more accurate) with a team of 20 or so others from Wall Highway Baptist Church on a trip to Haiti.

Among their tasks will be to complete the rebuilding of a house (or houses?) in the aftermath of January 12, 2010's earthquake ("Tranblemanntè 2010 nan pe Ayiti" in Creole, the dominant language in Haiti). They'll be staying at Mission Of Hope Haiti, the place I stayed last year with four friends. We went with three but quickly began to consider our amazing main guide, Sarah, as one of our little band of friends.

I can hardly imagine a better team of devoted Christ-followers than those who set out last night.

I've added the journal of their adventures, Wall Highway in Haiti, to a new blogroll at the left side of the page. I would sincerely appreciate your prayers for my son and the rest of the team -- prayers that God will fill them with boldness for His sake and that everything that happens, whether it seems good or bad, will serve to point the way to to Jesus Christ.


Sarah said...

And I can't wait to be here to receive them again - wish you were coming again! It's always nice to see a familiar face among hundreds of strangers a week...especially when we like them!

Dean Lusk said...

Are you there?? As much nice junk as I said about you, Nelson was anxious to meet you. :-)

I was almost able to go this time, but I only have a whopping 24 hours of vacation time available.

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