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17 May 2010

gratuitous goggles?

Saturday's yard work was filled with parallels (and not just the awesomely straight and parallel lines that my wife was cutting with the mower).

As I noted in a post yesterday, during the process of string-trimming I successfully saved my hearing from almost certain peril. Who'd have thought that my eyes might be in imminent danger, as well? In the back of my mind I hate to say that I've always thought that protective yard-working accouterments are the stuff of old people. That opinion was dashed to pieces as I mercilessly attacked the tall grass behind our storage shed. Small scintillas of wet grass (that seemed to have the impact of small baseballs) assaulted my face, with at least one bit lodging itself in my eye.

Realizing that I'm not old (like I'd always thought I had to be in order to wear protective clothing), I reasoned that silly things like goggles just might be useful for us young whipper-snappers in this circumstance.

So I stopped the motor, went inside, and after extracting turf from my eye, found and equipped myself with my son's clear airsoft gun glasses, hoping that they would serve to protect my eyes against airborne Bermuda grass particles just as well as they would from rubber pellets.

It turns out that I didn't need to wear them at all, because no more grass got in my eyes that day.

Have you ever prayed over something (maybe a safe trip, a surgery that was uncomplicated, for peace in the family, or anything like that), seen your specific request come to pass, and completely ignored God in your realization that the worst didn't happen and you were probably just paranoid to start with?

It's like saying, "Okay, ah, thanks and all, God, but looks like You didn't even need to bother with this one after all." It's like me putting on my goggles and thinking, "Well, that was dumb. I didn't need these things. No grass got into my eyes."

It's worth noting that after I had finished trimming the grass, I took the goggles off and saw tiny flecks of grass all over the front of them; flecks that weren't visible while I was wearing the goggles.

I have a sneaking suspicion that this happens in life far more often than we'd think.


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