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05 April 2010

easter sunday 2010 music

We planned four services for Sunday morning -- two simultaneous services in the sanctuary and the gym at 9:00 and likewise at 10:45. My wife Callie I led the first service in the gym with me playing acoustic guitar and one of our dummer/percussionists, David Plunk, on congas, in which an ailing power amp forced us to shut the sound system down and move to the floor so that everyone could hear and sing more freely than if we were on the stage without amplification. This was a nice way to do it; I've grown to be less and less a fan of a person or group on stage, separated, spotlighted, and physically above the congregation of people. That arrangement seems to me to fundamentally fly in the face of the idea that "we are not there to entertain."

My friend and extraordinary vocalist Josh Wilhoit ably led both sanctuary services, the second of which I joined playing acoustic and singing tenor since there were enough seats available to accommodate all those who attended, without having to have a second service in the gym. The same songs were sung in all services.
  • Christ Arose (key of A) - Public Domain, Traditional - honestly, this is my least favorite resurrection-themed song. However, we sang the chorus, beginning slowly and building into a powerful chorus of voices singing, "Hallelujah! Christ arose!" It was beautiful, uplifting, and focused our attention on the One for whom we were there. This was the first time I've loved singing this song -- it actually sounded the way I heard it in my head when I originally planned it for the service (an all-too-rare event).
  • Revelation Song (key of D) - Jennie Lee Riddle, CCLI Song# 4447960, popularized by Kari Jobe - describes Revelation 5:11-12; the ultimate look at who Jesus is. An amazing musical description of the glory of Lamb Who was slain.
  • Glorious (key of C) - by Brenton Brown and Paul Baloche, CCLI Song# 5548521, from Paul Baloche's newest album, Glorious. This is the third song from this CD that we've used for congregational singing. Sorta like Fee's albums in their musical accessibility.
  • Before the Throne of God Above (key of D) - Charitie Lees Bancroft, Vikki Cook, CCLI Song# 2306412 - the version we do is from Spin360's volume 45 (links to MP3 audio clip), which is one of those musical arrangements which amazingly compliments the words of this phenomenal song. Unfortunately it's not available at or iTunes as far as I know.
  • Because He Lives (key of G) - Bill and Gloria Gaither, CCLI Song# 16880 - this song, a favorite of many older people (and possibly some younger ones as well) was in the gym but not in the sanctuary service.
  • Arise (key of E) - Don Moen and Paul Baloche, CCLI Song# 4032337 - the word "Arise" in this song is not used in reference to the resurrection of Christ, but in reference to God "arising" among His people as we sing to Him. Another one of those songs which has music that perfectly compliments the lyrics - more rare than you'd think.
It's always a privilege to join with those who sing and play out of the overflow of the worship they've brought with them to the assembly of believers.

This post is part of The Worship Community's Sunday Setlists (week 89), a really cool vehicle through which musicians and leaders can share the songs that their fellowships are singing from week to week.


Anonymous said...

Dean - We did Christ Arose, Revelation Song, and Glorious also. Agree on Baloche's music - we do quite a few of his. On Christ Arose, I didn't plan it one year and got many comments after the Easter service...I never forget to plan it now. We started using a version last year - I like the tempo and arrangement. You may want to check it out. Blessings!

Dean Lusk said...

That makes me smile. I had that happen a couple of years ago. It was an eye-opener -- a song that was definitely not one I'm usually able to sing as an offering of praise turned out to be the perfect vehicle for others.

Thanks for the link to the arrangement!

Excellent choices on those other two songs. :-)

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