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14 April 2010

the continuing journey

You may remember my post from several months ago called Day One in the "Secular" World. This post is similar. In the aforementioned post I told about how I had moved back into the "secular" workforce and I explained some of the reasons why. This post tells about the next major milestone in that journey with Jesus Christ.

On Sunday I read the following letter to the people at Wall Highway, the church fellowship we've met with for almost 19 years. Callie and I definitely didn't make this decision lightly or hastily. Many regular readers of this blog said that it didn't surprise them. Some said they predicted it.

I tried to stick to "the script," but as usual I deviated a little bit. I encouraged the body of believers at Wall Highway to look to Jesus Christ -- the true Head of the Church -- and I reminded them, as I want to remind you now, followers of Christ have each been given a spiritual gift(s). Spiritual gifts are given for the edification and building up of the body of Christ (the Church), and in turn will glorify Jesus Christ.

And now the letter:

Callie and I have dug in the Word together and prayed for quite some time (years as opposed to days, weeks, or months), and as of early last week, we are completely without doubt in knowing that God has directed me to resign from my position as Worship Pastor at Wall Highway. We are planning for our last Sunday leading at Wall Highway to be April 25, 2010.

This is absolutely not about the decisions or any vote turnout regarding Tommy Marr speaking on Sundays. I have the utmost respect for my brother Tommy and have seen evidence over and over that he loves the Lord with all his heart. I have no issues with him preaching. (This is in reference to a brother who's been selected to preach while the church is without a senior pastor.)

In our nearly 19 years at Wall Highway, we have seen good and bad; amazing and ugly. We are not "quitters." We are not leaving as a result of any political, relational, or self-focused issues. If I had a hidden agenda, rest assured that I would not have had the patience to wait 19 years to reveal it.

While we personally see problems in the foundation, function, and goals of the modern church, our decision to follow the Holy Spirit's leading in this way is not about moving away from something as much as it is moving toward Someone. We will continue to lift up Jesus and encourage one another in a setting of believers meeting in homes. For us, this is the way God has shown us that our family can live and serve in the most loving, genuine, and Biblical way possible, in grateful response to all our Savior and Sustainer has done for us.

All this being said, to state that our family has been blessed by God and His people during and because of our time at Wall Highway is one of the most gross understatements ever made. I pray that we have been even a tiny fraction as uplifting to the body of believers at Wall Highway as it has been to us. Nelson and I are your brothers in Christ; Callie and Alaina are your sisters. Remember that we all have one of those long, protracted relationships -- the kind that lasts for eternity. We are not leaving God's family, and we are not leaving the area.

There's so much more to say, and Callie and I would be more than happy to talk with you further about anything you’d like to ask.

In all that Wall Highway Baptist Church does, may it lift up the name of Jesus Christ in deed as well as word, and may it live and function Biblically because of its great love and honor for Him.

We love you,

Dean and Callie Lusk


Preston N said...

I must say Dean that your courage and faithfulness to obey the Holy Spirit provides me with great inspiration. In an era where standing for truth over tradition is a shrinking and rare occurance, I am truly blessed by your decision. God is pleased whenever we follow our convictions and those conviction yeilds in repentance (I view this as a form of repentance as your going in a new direction) and it brings much joy to his heart. Our home fellowship will continue to lift you and Callie in our prayers and please let us know if our fellowship can help you on anyway.

John King said...

Preston, i'm Convinced your Messege to Dean & Callie will lift them up even higher. My wife & I have been with Dean & Callie now for 4 years. Callie has helped bring my wife Jeannie to Peace. As Dean has for me. I've not only learned so much from the Lusk family including there Children. Both Jeannie an I were like a sponge drying out spirtually. The Lusks have Soaked us with such Love an Support we are now becoming thirsty for the Word. Being able to share the word with Christians like the Lusks. We now can dig Deep into the Word. An to be so Blessed as to be able to continue to soak up his word through Dean & Callie. A Huge weight has been taken off my family. We too our so Proud to see a Pastor follow the Word an to Never Give Up. Jesus put us on path. To be on the pathway side by side with the Lusks an others. Jesus is smiling an very happy. Watch for Big Things to Happen in Deans Family! God will continue to speak to his heart an Callies. With the Spirit so Strong within them. Nothing is impossible. We Love You Dean an callie.
The Kings..

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