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01 March 2010

what's your number one blogging tip?

I'm beginning a little project by which I hope to reinvent the wheel. That is, what I'm asking has already been answered by thousands of people -- really headsy people -- on the internet. But since I didn't feel like Googling (though I just did a little of that in order to create a link), I thought I'd ask you.

If you're a blogger, I'd like to get some free insight from your brain by asking you to answer one of these questions (they're all very similar):
  • What is the number one thing you've learned that would be most helpful to someone who's starting a new blog? 
  • If you could start your blog over (and many of you have done this), what one thing would you do differently from the way you did it before?
  • What one thing did you do with your blog on the ground floor that turned out to be wildly, awesomely successful?
I don't particularly care how you define "success," but its definition should be something like "really good stuff." You may want to speak about technical stuff or you might want to talk about general concepts. As a matter of fact, it's okay to throw in your two cents even if you aren't a blogger. I'd like to know what keeps you going back to certain blogs.

That being said, the floor is now yours.


Tony M said...

I would have to say, my blog's not very successful (at least, it doesn't seem that way to me).

That being said, consistency is probably a very good thing to have - consistency in posting, first, making sure you have fresh content on a regular basis (I don't seem to do that). Consistency in topic may be helpful, too: not necessarily exactly the content, but the overall theme, perhaps (another area where my blog fails). Consistency in post length might also be useful (so readers know how much time to expect to spend on your blog post that, per the first consistency, comes out at on at a regular interval; again, my blog goes from way too short to way too long).

And maybe good grammar, as well as relevant topics, wit, and probably giveaways, regular giveaways would also make your blog successful, especially if you're giving away Apple products.

But since my blog primarily fails (I think I have the grammar part covered pretty well), take these suggestions with a grain of something or other.

Daniel said...

Reading CopyBlogger is a must. Excellent source of how-to articles on blogging. I really wish I had discovered them earlier because it really changed my approach to writing (note: I have no affiliation with CopyBlogger).

I'd recommend starting here, and then digging in further:

Leroy said...

Consistency as Tony notes and avoid over-exposure. Not saying you have written too much. Just write something and allow it to be read for 'X' amount of time before you post something new.

My word verification "word" is: mobobb

Funny. To me anyway. Reminds me of that Hanson song from the '90s. Mmmbop.

Dean Lusk said...

I'd say one thing to remember is to be interactive. That is, respond to comments fairly quickly. :-)

@Tony, frequency of posts is one thing that's important, but I've seen readership stay fairly steady even during the past few months, during which fresh posts have been less frequent. I should note that that actually makes me visit a blog less often, though.

I've read pros and cons regarding themes of posts being tightly focused, but it makes the most sense to do that (to me, anyway). I quickly learned that the subject matter of this blog would have far less to do with music than originally intended, and toyed with the idea of changing the name. I eventually agreed with a number of people who said that it should remain "EGBDF."

@Daniel, that link has some excellent material! There were so many good posts/articles that it quickly became apparent I'd have to force myself to stop reading. Thanks much!

@Leroy, you think that intentionally waiting a couple of days before posting material has potential for positive results, eh? Kind of like being fashionably late, I suppose. That's why I wait so long between posts sometimes. Uh... yeah! That's why!

Pam, mom, honey, said...

i think i am learning to be more real on my blog. i am not successful at all. i wish i would have come up with cute names for my children instead of using there real names

Bo said...

Dean, I have learned that I am an exceptionally poor judge of whether a particular post will attract a lot of attention/traffic.

I've poured my soul into stuff that didn't get squat, and I've also banged something out in half an hour that got tens of thousands of hits in a single day.

The main lesson from that for me is to go ahead and put something up. I try to average a post a day, and most months I make it. Don't let an overly critical self-assessment of something keep you from clicking Publish.

Dean Lusk said...

@Pam, mom, honey -- I try to avoid using my family members' and friends' names on the blog at all. And I understand how easy it is to get discouraged. I think that the world wants to hear what I have to say! But then I realize...

Bo is right! Argh! How frustrating is that? I completely identify with this statement:

"I've poured my soul into stuff that didn't get squat, and I've also banged something out in half an hour that got tens of thousands of hits in a single day."

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