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31 March 2010

showing tiger woods to the world

The following is a guest post by my friend Rick Franklin. Prepare yourselves for one of the most excellent analogies ever.

There’s a group of men based in Huntsville, Alabama who believe that Tiger Woods is the best golfer who has ever lived, and they claim to be huge fans -- possibly his biggest fans.

It's been noted by some that the odd thing is that when they get together, they’re somewhat reluctant to say the name “Tiger”. They’re more comfortable talking about golf in general if they talk about golf at all.

In spite of this, some of the more serious men in the group have begun a new effort. They've intentionally devoted themselves to becoming semi-professional-level golfers (though they know it's impossible for a semi-pro to hit a hole in one), and they'll attempt to be very disciplined in their daily practice of golf. By doing this, they believe that non-golfers will notice how well they can golf and as a result, will want what they’ve got.

So instead of simply telling non-golfers how great a golfer Tiger really is, that he can drive the ball a proverbial mile, drop nearly impossible putts, hit the most beautiful and creative shots imaginable, and is far and away better than any other golfer that ever lived, they decide to present Tiger by being the best golfers they can and by talking about golf if opportunities arise. If the conversation with a non-golfer progresses to a certain level, Tiger Woods might even enter the conversation at that point.

Surprisingly, non-golfers rarely develop an appreciation or sense of awe of Tiger Woods -- however, one of the men in the fan group will occasionally be praised for being a pretty good golfer.


Preston N said...

A great analogy. The real issue here is man lives according to what he knows and not by what he see's. This is why understanding and knowledge of the gospel is so vitally important to share with others. Buddhist, Mormons, and many other faiths live really "good" lives - but do they have the truth? Truth can only occur through understanding, understanding can only come through knowledge/teaching/hearing etc. Living as Christ is simply the evidence that we indeed have the truth.

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