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22 March 2010

i dreamed a dream

I dreamed last night that I was in charge of running a summer camp for some Haitian and American children. They weren't orphans; their parents were there, dropping them off or staying the first night with them.

I recall looking at a map and hoping that the camp would be in America in a little place partitioned off to look and feel like Haiti, as opposed to actually being in Haiti, in which case I'd have to fly there.

It must have been in Haiti, because there was wildlife that was definitely not North American, although I don't remember what any animals looked like. I recall one of the kids saying, "It's been exactly one year [since the last camp]! Remember that animal that's supposed to show up?" And I knew that there was some kind of weird horned animal that supposedly came to the same place one time every year, and if it harassed you at a place, you could bet that exactly one year later, it would show up again.

It turned out that I was the only counselor at the camp and was supposed to have planned everything out, but I hadn't done any pre-planning, and the camp was a total bust. Didn't bond with the kids (who were all around Jr. High age), didn't have good Bible study planned, etc.

The first night I fell asleep and one of the Haitian kids put a booger on my nose. Yes, that's right. I know this because I woke up and a couple of counselors (who weren't helping me with my camp) brought him down to my area to apologize and tell me that he'd done this.

It ended up with some sort of a Christmas celebration. Not a big one, but the kind of celebrative atmosphere when parents are picking kids up from camp, only Santa Claus was there. It was very strange.

Thought I'd share because of the oddness of the dream. It seemed to last a couple of days. It would be entertaining to hear some of your dream interpretations...


Christy said...

Squidward Tentacles

Leroy said...

Too many chips and too much salsa.

Dean Lusk said...

I laughed at Christy's comment (background was some food-oriented Facebook chatter...)

And Leroy, I think you have it right.

Connie said...


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