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23 March 2010

armchair optometrist advice needed

That's not some pithy title for an attempted deep-thinking post that has a connection between the eyes and Christianity. I'm actually wondering if I'm nuts or if my optometrist is.

My eyesight had been slightly bothering me for some time (a bit fuzzy in the left eye when looking at things a little distance away), so I finally broke down and paid the neighborhood eye doctor a visit. I like the guy. His office staff is friendly, too. (It's a walk-in place, so I'll probably hear that that was a bad idea.)

I commented to the doc that it strikes me as logical to believe that rather than glasses/contacts correcting one's vision, they'd serve to make a person dependent upon them. He assured me that this isn't the case, and that once the eyes start to go haywire due to the fact that you're getting old, there's no going back. But he said it much more kindly than that.

So I got my glasses Friday, and I have worn them pretty much all the time since then, because I want to get used to them. Last time I had glasses, about three years ago (before I ran over one pair and accidentally lost the others), I gave it only a patronizing effort because it was uncomfortable to wear them. Gave me a headache. But this time, darn it, I decided was going to wear them.

So here I am, a few days later. When I remove the glasses I feel like I'm looking through cheap 3D glasses for a few minutes. Then, when my eyes are back to normal in a non-vertigo sense, the focus in my left eye is pretty bad. Nice and fuzzy.

It seems my eyes have grown dependent upon these glasses in just a few days.

Help me out here, because I'm thinking "optometrist conspiracy," just the way I'm prone to do with all medical doctors (unless you're one and you're my friend or you're reading this -- I probably think that you're one of the lone rebels -- the cool doctors who isn't out to get me). Should I keep wearing these things or just put them aside and let my eyes do their own thing? My vision's not bad enough to warrant even considering any kind of surgery.

Just feeling like I shouldn't have gone to the eye doc.


Steve G said...

In my experience, what you're finding is that your eyes have discovered what it's like to be actually see and when you go back to the "old" vision, you see how bad it really was. What used to be good enough isn't good enough any longer.

I'll leave it to you to draw some spiritual parallels.

Dean Lusk said...

I don't think I could possibly have laid out a spiritual parallel better than you just did! (like John 9 --"I once was blind, but now I see." or Ephesians 4 -- lay aside the old self, which is being corrupted, and "put on the new self, which in the likeness of God has been created in righteousness and holiness of the truth.")

Regarding my eyes, that's a possibility. It's just that on Thursday (pre-glasses) I could read text at certain distances that I can't read now without glasses.

But isn't there logic in the idea that one's eyes grow dependent on glasses after having worn them for a period of time?

Leroy said...

Having worn glasses since 5th grade (contacts for the past 20ish years). I can attest that eyes don't get dependent on glasses settling just at that particular magnification. My eyes (have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord) have actually gotten worse pretty much each year since 5th grade. Not sure I can contribute the continual degradation to the glasses.

Better said...your eyes grow dependent on glasses BEFORE having worn them.

Christy said...

Just wear the glasses.

Anonymous said...

There's some logic in the basis of your thinking, but my understanding (disclosures: I am not an eye care professional, but have used their products for 40 years) is that this is not the case. My own experience has been mirrored by that of all the other users/wearers of glasses I know, so I think I can speak with reasonable authority in terms of life experience, just with no research to back it up.

In strict definition, dependency implies some negative things--that your eyes will go 'weak' from non-use seems to be what you're worried about.

Rest assured, your eyes will get just as much of a workout as they used to with or without glasses.

Just with glasses, you'll see better.

Steve W.

GTD said...


This one is pretty simple.
A) You're nuts.
B) Wear the glasses.

Dean Lusk said...

Okay, I'm convinced. Ever since the first comments I've been wearing them.

Steve W's plain and simple note made sense: "Just with glasses, you'll see better."

I particularly enjoyed GTD's confirmation of my suspicions and the suggestions in the comments.

Now I need to modify my profile photo. I think I'll Photoshop it instead of taking a new picture.

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