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07 January 2010

public interest post

This is sort of like one of those segments on the local news where they talk about kittens being rescued from certain doom. You know, the things that you'd never know and don't really have much of an impact on you, but they make you feel good.

What you may or may not know is that Huntsville, AL went into a state of chaos today. It was last night, actually. I'm really not sure why. Over the years there've been plenty of days on which I wondered why anyone would open their school or place of business because of the ice all over the road.

And there have been two prominent times in my memory, today being one, where the city essentially shut down based upon weather forecasts from the previous day.

Last night my son's school issued a notice stating that they would not be in session today. Me being the pooh-pooher that I am, I said, "No way," "You're kidding me," or something like that. Accumulation had not started by the time I went to sleep last night (although there was an amazing cloud formation in the south that looked like the Northern Lights, which made me feel like I might have been wrong).

I felt a pronounced sense of triumph this morning when I woke up and saw that the ground was bone-dry.

Anyhow, not much happened today (other than people driving home after their workplaces closed for no justifiable reason), but it was cold, it dusted snow most of the day, and, boy-howdy, most schools have already closed for tomorrow.

For your consumption, Here's what I tweeted (sent via Twitter) earlier today while in a state of personally entertaining cynicism:

Okay, maybe there IS something to this weather. Didn't believe it til I saw the results of my co-workers efforts.

(So that you won't have to click on the link, I have posted the photo below)


Leroy said...

The "chaos" wasn't because of the snow; it was because of the wet roads and freezing temps. Not a good combination in the south when we there are about 5 total salt-spreaders.

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