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23 January 2010

Jesus in Haiti

The following is from the blog of Tom Osbeck, who runs an organization called Jesus in Haiti Ministries. I encourage you to visit his blog regularly for updates on what just one missionary organization is doing on the ground in Haiti in the aftermath of the earthquake.

Tom had 22 adopted children before the quake. Now he has 25. While in Haiti last August, we had the privilege of going to Tom's house and sitting and singing together with his family. Amazing people. Their love for the Lord is great and can be seen in what they're doing to give hope and help to their fellow Haitians.

Water distribution at the dump.
Had the privilege of visiting these folks while in Haiti.

Hi all,

I told you two [e-mails] per day, here is number 2. Today was a day like no other, just like that past 10.

I did something with youth group that I had never done before, and probably will never do again. I felt such a depression in the villages today, the people are so, so hungry. NO food for 10 days. Tonight 300 teens walked to our mission. My heart bled for them. I knew we have money, and I could not let them walk home hungry, until who knows when. If you want to kind of understand their hunger, eat a half a cracker for the next ten days, and take a cup of water from your clean water in the toilet bowl. Doing that for 10 days will give you an idea how these folks are living in the villages.

I devised a plan to give each teen 100 gourdes, or $2.50 which is like giving an American teen 100 dollars. However, I didn't plan on so many kids so, as Jony was wrapping up, I told Linda I could not do this anymore as my plan might cause a riot. She agreed and I prayed. Then I felt peace and I decided to stick to my plan.

I stationed my team at our gate and sent 10 youth at a time. A team member would give them their 100 gourdes and they would leave. 10 by 10, 30 groups got their money and left. Not a glitch.

We then left to see these 300 kids walking home with a bounce in their step, happy, laughing full of hope. And know this, those 300 will feed at least 5 each, you do the math.

The total was about 600 US dollars. I had to do it for the kids. They, like you and I, will go to bed not only full tonight, but knowing they are loved. The PR angle will be great, but that is not why I did it. They were hungry, we fed them, period.

Today I drove by Phenix where my Arab friend Fadi works. He lost 3 family members, and his wife, who lost her sister, left him for the United States, never to return. His face was worn, but he had a smile. His store was in disarray, everything on the floor. While his store was closed we got in the locked doors, past armed guards and Linda, Shadrach, Tito and I shopped till we dropped. My bill was $68, but did we get the stuff. He gave me an $85 discount.

He also is loading up all the damaged food for us, like cereal boxes that fell in liquid on the floor. The cereal is good but the box is trashed. We will get this food tomorrow to use for our ministry. He had 20 people working and is planning on opening tomorrow...I'm not sure how.

After the supplies came by helicopter today, I gave each boy stuff and they hit the villages passing out 5 gallon water tanks, blankets and set up 3 very nice tents, I bet these tents cost over $1000 each. The 3 families our guys set up for were so, so thankful. We will set up 3 more tomorrow.

Tomorrow morning we have to drive 2 hours up the coast to pick up some money from a group that is in Haiti, and then 2 hours back. Then 2 hours into town to pick up supplies and medicine sent by my board via some doctors. Then home, 8 hours later, to rest. My team will be hitting the villages with supplies and putting up more tents.

Some of you are worried about me not getting a day off. I have thought about this and checked the calendar. I found day, November 3rd I plan to take off, and boy am I looking forward to that day.

Last item: Hundreds and hundreds of you have emailed me and I have read every one but in no way could I respond. I am sorry for this but know your personal email meant so much to me. Please keep them coming knowing I am not at the point of answering them.

Okay I fibbed, one more thing. My brother Mark's surgery was a success today, thanks for your prayers and concern.



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