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19 January 2010

guitar solos - why?

I used to be a pretty prolific songwriter. Actually, I was more of an instrumental-writer; I rarely wrote words to my songs, but I did record tons of instrumental music.

In almost every one of those songs I left space for a guitar solo, and although I'm not a lead guitar player and never have been, I'd put some sort of solo in them. When my wife and I took a weekend trip recently, we listened to some Elvis songs (she's a huge Elvis fan, and I like Elvis fine), and I noticed that on many of his songs there were guitar solos, and most of them were very similar to one another.

I've asked myself this before but never really thought much about it: why is it standard to put an instrumental solo in most "pop" songs? Many solos don't add much to the song other than offering a breather from the vocals. Is it to add variety to the song? To take a song that would have otherwise been two and a half minutes long and make it three or three and a half minutes?

I'm not losing sleep over it, but when I write another song you can bet I'll question whether or not a solo is a good fit for the song or if it's just something I have a tendency to do.
 The punch line: is it good for a Christ-follower to examine everything he or she does in light of Scripture? If not, when/where do you draw the line?
 Some things will be no-brainers: don't steal, don't gossip, don't be two-faced, etc. There are many, many Scriptures to reinforce those things, and hopefully we've hidden enough of the Word in our hearts to perfectly recall passages that relate to those things. I'm talking about the things we do that seem to be good but when you get down to it, there's not really a Biblical reason to do them.

Do you think that it's possible for everything we do to have a Christ-honoring purpose?


Tony M said...

Col 3:23-24 : Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving.

Does that apply? (Not being "smart alecky" - I haven't really researched the context and the original Greek.)

Dean Lusk said...

Oops! I never replied. Perfect passage!

So do you believe it's possible to over-analyze things? I do, but the flip side to that would be to never take the things we do -- religious traditions, day-to-day activities, thoughts, actions -- and never put them under the Biblical microscope.

I believe we not only learn to know our Creator more in those times, but we can learn an awful lot about ourselves. That stuff can be painful to learn.

Tony M said...

"I do" - you believe it's possible, or you overanalyze? (I'd have to answer "yes" to both questions, I think, although I can't claim to always make the analysis from a Biblical perspective, instead, all-too-often, relying on my own flawed intellect.)

Would Gideon be an example of "overanalysis" in the Biblical (well, Godly) sense? Or is that something else? (Not so much analysis as questioning, I guess.)

Leroy said...

While Col 3:23-24 is a great passage, I believe it isn't exactly in the context of this blog entry.

With that said, I think everything we do can in some way be related to God. Even if it's a simple "thank you Lord that I'm capable of doing this". Good or bad...if I'm in pain, "thank you Lord that I can feel the pain". Etc. Goes back to choosing our attitude.

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