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30 December 2009


Today's post (which shares its title with Chapter 11 of Lewis Carroll's incredible work, "Through the Looking-Glass," which reads in its entirety, "--and it really WAS a kitten, after all.") has no significance or deep implication that I'm aware of, except maybe that it's time for me to consider either replacing my eight-year-old Windows computer or getting a Mac.

I have a great little program that plays whatever MP3 I choose as an alarm every morning (today I think I had it set for Andy Williams' It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year -- I'm allowed to do Christmas until January 1, I think). However, instead of a blaring MP3 waking me up, Jesse the Cat did so by knocking something off of the dresser beside my bed. You see, on the mornings I don't get out of bed at the usual time, like, oh, Saturdays, Jesse the Cat is faithful and diligent to let me know that I should already be up and about.

Upon hearing a bottle of water and a bottle of Smucker's Caramel Sundae Syrup topple to the floor, I got up and walked over to the computer to see what time it was, and it showed 2:14 AM. Seeing light coming through the window and sensing that something was not quite right -- it didn't feel like 2:14, either -- I looked at my phone and it showed 6:32 AM. I immediately knew that there was at least a small chance that I might not make it to work at the typical time -- about 6:10.

So ends my love affair with the "automatically-updating" clock in Windows XP. Actually, such a love affair never began. This assures that it never will.

Posted during a short morning break...


Christy said...

Do I need to give you Dawson's marvel heroes clock? He doesn't use it anymore,and it's much cheaper than a mac.

Jan said...

I am wondering why the caramel syrup was by your computer?

Dean Lusk said...

Actually, there's an old Spider-Man clock in my son's closet. I could use it, but the knob you use to set it is broken off. I guess that'd be no different from the computer.

Jan, the caramel topping is on my nightstand because I eat chocolate chip ice cream with caramel topping at night. I've found that "refrigerate after opening" on the caramel topping is really just a suggestion. I've not died yet.

The computer, however, is on the other side of the room. It works well because I have to get up in order to turn it off. Otherwise I'd just reach over and turn it off.

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