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28 December 2009

...and re-presents on the tree

I'm curious... Did any of you re-gift something(s) this Christmas? For instance, on December 22 when you had "Christmas Eve" with your spouse's parents and brothers and/or sisters, you got a brass cheese grater knuckle protector, and upon realizing that you hadn't gotten your great aunt anything and were supposed to go to her house on the 23rd to exchange gifts, you repackaged the cheese grater knuckle protector and gave it to her.

You know, that kind of thing.

(It's perfectly legal to post any comments as "Anonymous." I won't push for full disclosure.)


Leroy said...

I dried my used coffee grounds, "pretty" packaged them, and gave them to my mother-in-law. Ha, ha, ha!! Just kidding. :)

Christy said...

I did not re-gift this year. Although, the temptation was even greater than in previous years.

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